The Experience

Do those who have achieved ‘perfection’ think about it differently?

In 1976, Nadia Comaneci became the first person to receive a Perfect 10. In 1984, Bart Conner would repeat the feat for Team USA. But with achievement comes perspective.

The two legendary gymnasts join you live. They will lead  you in a conversation about how an athlete does not prepare for everything — but rather puts emphasis on preparing for anything. Your team will recognize the change and uncertainty they are living through are the conditions in which ‘greatness’ is found. Next, Nadia and Bart will engage your team in a discussion about the definition of ‘perfection’ — and suggest it may be best understood as ‘agility and rapid adjustment’ — rather than an ideal state. Finally, the pair will discuss ‘success’ vs. ‘significance’ and help your team think about what mark it might want to leave on your company and customers.

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The Creators

Nadia Comaneci

A nine-time Olympic medalist (five individual Olympic gold medals), Nadia Comaneci is the first person to score a Perfect 10 in gymnastics. Nadia is credited with popularizing the sport of gymnastics around the globe and has been named one of most influential athletes of the 20th century. Nadia was known for her clean technique, innovative and difficult original skills, and her stoic, cool demeanor in competition.

Bart Conner

A two-time Olympic medalist (two gold Olympic medals), Bart Conner is an inductee to the U.S. Olympic Hall of Fame (1991), the USA Gymnastics Hall of Fame (1996), and the International Gymnastics Hall of Fame (1997). Bart was one of 461 athletes to receive a Congressional Gold Medal due to the U.S. boycott of the 1980 Olympic games.

Use Cases

This experience can help your team accomplish several goals.

Kickoff, Execute and QBR

Starting a New Team or Project


Vivek • November 2021

VP for $100M SaaS company

“…we spent 30 minutes pre-experience to line this up to our vision and values; Bart and Nadia were outstanding…”


Cynthia • October 2021

Chief of Staff at $200M SaaS company

“…I cannot recommend this highly enough; the stories and conversation helped us to reframe and see inspiration in our own challenges…”

Robert • September 2021

Chief Revenue Officer at $1B SaaS company

“…This was incredibly ‘focusing’ for us; the stories and conversation showed us parallels and inspiration in sport that I’m now using with my team…”