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Help your team Thrive with a Teamraderie Terrarium Experience

Virtual Terrarium Workshop


Teamraderie’s new Terrarium Experience is a fun and exciting way to help your team bond and grow. But how could making a terrarium together possibly help your team? We are glad you asked!



1 – Common Ground – Having a shared experience gives you the unique opportunity to learn about something new at the same time as your teammates. By experiencing this together you will find that you have things in common with your teammates that you did not previously know! Perhaps someone on your team is a plant person and has a green thumb just like you. Or maybe you do not have a great track record with plants and neither does another of your teammates and you two can learn about plants together.


2 – Simple Questions Build Trust – Harvard Business School conducted a study and found that asking short, simple questions was the best way to build trust in your team. “Do you have any plants at home?” is just one of the many questions that will come up during your experience.


3 – Shared Experiences – People bond when they share an experience together. The University of Chicago found that people prefer to experience things with other people. These shared experiences give you something to talk about later. Creating more conversation and further bonding.



But there is more!


What if we also told you that a Teamraderie terrarium experience can also help increase your productivity and attentiveness, increase your self-esteem, reduce your stress levels and mental fatigue, lower your blood pressure and improve your social interactions!!! The American Society of Horticulture Science found that just the act of gardening and adding plants to your life and home can do all of those things!!


Help you and your team. Book a Grow a Terrarium to Cultivate Team Well-Being experience today!


Teamraderie Experiences can be explored and booked online via Teamraderie experience finder. If you are seeking a personalized recommendation, reach out to us at [email protected]