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International Snack Experience and How it Can Help your Team

What does an International Snacking Experience have to do with having a strong team? A lot actually!


Researchers at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business conducted a study in which teams were given access to snack foods. Some ate the snacks at the same time – though no members were physically together. Some ate the snacks on different days.


The first group – those who could experience eating a food simultaneously (though not in the same space) – recorded higher levels of well-being and connection. They also rated the foods as more satisfying.


Researchers called this effect “temporal integration”. Humans have an innate desire to share experiences with others – even when they are apart.


International Snack Box


What is our International Snack Experience? We’re glad you asked!


In our International Snack Experience, your team will learn about snacks from around the world as well as the differences, and the similarities of how different cultures snack. Each team member will receive a kit that includes 3 snacks and a beverage originating from South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa. Your team will go on a journey through each country. Each story offers different team members a chance to share more about their culture and foods that have a special memory for them.


What are you waiting for? Get snacking!