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Tips to Create a Sense of Belonging in Your Team

Are you looking to build diversity and inclusion in your team?


When employees feel that they belong to a team, their performance, engagement and well-being improves. HBR research demonstrated the value of belonging to bottom-line benefits:


Diversity and Inclusion in Teams


In the hybrid workplace, the experience of culture has become more diffused, elusive, and subjective. In a new HBR article, practitioners from Spotify and ManpowerGroup identified three challenges that leaders must navigate to foster belonging and help their teams stay connected:


1. Balancing the tension between a strong culture and effective DIB (diversity-inclusion-belonging) practices.

Hire for culture add-on (ensuring that whoever joins adds something new to the team) rather than fit.


2. Retaining the social element of work, even when people continue to work from home.

Provide opportunities to have meaningful connections with others.


3. Having the courage to let the culture evolve.

Each crisis gives way to a new version of the world, and just because a system managed to survive an actual crisis doesn’t mean there is no need to change it. Figure out how to create a sense of belonging and community within organizations where fear, anger, and depression during the pandemic are being replaced by choice, flexibility, and freedom.


Clinging to the old ways of working can have a negative impact on team culture and performance. In their new book, ‘Leading at a Distance,’ two Spencer Stuart experts found that 25%+ of the virtual teams were not performing up to par, largely because organizations and leaders were approaching work as if the dynamics were the same as working in the same physical location.


The authors argue that the trickiest part of the manager’s job in a hybrid environment is building rapport — balancing supervision and trust. To get good at virtual leadership, managers will need to unlearn some of the practices that worked in the past and apply new approaches to fostering belonging, connection and trust.





Teamraderie Experiences is a modern science-backed way to create a sense of belonging — even in the absence of shared physical space. Two examples of virtual experiences to build diversity and inclusion in teams:


1. Cheese Pairing Experience – Three Flights of Flavor

What could your team learn about each other while sampling exceptional cheeses?
Your team will be joined live by a celebrated cheese expert and led through unforgettable flights of cheeses. Bite into your first cheese pairing. What does it remind you of?

Your team will connect with each other and form new memories as you learn about cheeses – and what they can tell you about your team!


2. Do Something You’ve Never Done with Artist IN-Q

Award-winning poet IN-Q joins you live. 

First, IN-Q performs a piece of work live and your team becomes accustomed to ‘spoken word art’ as a medium for story-telling. Then, IN-Q will share a prompt and your team will practice their own story-telling.

A 2021 Wall Street Journal article praised this Teamraderie experience for its ability to help teams form deep connections and trust – fast.