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Turn Stress into Curiosity

Turn Stress into Curiosity by Learning with Teamraderie

  • Tuesday May 17, 2022
  • Leadership   

Mental Health Awareness Month is a subject that we—and hopefully everyone on your team—are talking about all month. However, one aspect of mental health awareness that is not often mentioned is something that we all struggle with—Stress.


Stress = Demand > Capacity


Stress happens when life throws more at us than we can process, and sometimes it triggers reactions in us before we even realize it. It is like being underwater but you cannot see the surface even when you are struggling to reach it. Just as you think you are almost there, boom, another wave crashes into you and you get pulled further under. We have all been there, struggling to keep our heads above water.

We recently watched a TED talk with Heidi Hanna and she offered some great suggestions on dealing with stress:


           – Stop.

           – Take a breath.

           – Be curious and assess what is happening.

           – Then respond.


Turn Stress into Curiosity


By shifting our thought process to curiosity, we become more willing to learn. Curiosity helps us frame challenges and stress as a way to gain experience and strengthen our commitment to overcoming situations. Through curiosity, we become more capable of handling every wave that comes crashing towards us. Most of us consider stress to be bad, but viewing it through a learning lens enables us to neutralize stress and even create positivity out of it. We no longer need to hide from it, ignore it, or try to justify it through other means.


If you need help taking a breath and learning how to become curious, we have you covered because we did too. We created our Snack Break Experience to help you and your team relax, get to know each other, and try three snacks and a beverage during a brief, twenty-five minute meetup. Throughout the experience, you will get to explore your curiosity for something we do every day – snack!


Teamraderie Experiences can be explored and booked online via Teamraderie experience finder. If you are seeking a personalized recommendation, reach out to us at team@teamraderie.com.

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