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What is Inside a Teamraderie Kit?

Wednesday October 27, 2021

Teamraderie Kits

Most Teamraderie virtual team-building experiences include a physical kit that gets delivered to the team members.

Here are two examples:


Teamraderie Kits


Why are physical kits important? The answer lies in academic research on how human brains work and what creates connection between people.


(1) Kits reduce “Zoom fatigue”

Stanford researchers identified excessive amounts of intense close-up eye contact and seeing yourself constantly in real-time among key causes of “Zoom fatigue”. Using a physical kit during a virtual team-building event helps ease the visual overload and stimulate other sensory and cognitive parts of the brain.


(2) Kits make virtual meetings more engaging

Harvard Business Review recommends making virtual meetings interactive, and claims that with the right tools, you can make the virtual world just as engaging, if not more so. Interaction with a physical kit provides an easy way to break up a presentation, get people involved in a discussion early during the meeting, and keep the audience active throughout the online event.


(3) Kits help deepen connection and trust between people

Researchers from University of Chicago found that people eating the same food at the same time could build trust 75% faster and reach agreement 2X more quickly than people eating different foods at same time or wearing identical clothes at same time. Teamraderie tasting kits are a great tool to increase camaraderie and cooperation.


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