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Join Teamraderie's
Global Forest Fire Recovery Mission

Teamraderie supports global reforestation efforts as a One Tree Planted Partner aiming to make the world a greener place, one tree at a time. We’ve planted thousands of trees and have thousands more to go. We look forward to planting trees in your team’s honor!

How It Works

It’s easy to join Teamraderie in our reforestation efforts!


After your experience, you’ll receive a group photo via email.


Post your experience photo on LinkedIn and tag Teamraderie


Teamraderie will plant 1 tree for every person invited to your experience.

Help Us Make an Even Bigger Impact


Trees planted since 2022



LBs of CO2 Offset

Where are the trees planted?

Forest fires are increasing in size and severity, damaging vital ecosystems and creating a need for millions of trees. With so much fire damage, reforestation is essential to catalyze the environmental recovery process. The trees are carefully planted to prevent invasive species from colonizing burn scars and restore quality habitat for native biodiversity.

These trees will be planted in places like British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, Mexico, Bhutan, and more to help support habitats, reforest lands, and create a positive impact for generations.

We love to see your experience photos!

Check out photos that have been shared by teams around the world joining Teamraderie in our sustainability efforts.

Garry Kasparov

World champion chess player for 20+ years — and the first person to lose his job to AI

Nadia Comaneci & Bart Conner

Eleven (11) Olympic medals and the first people to earn Perfect 10s in their sport

Simidele Adeagbo

Africa’s first female to compete in the Olympic Skeleton and former Nike exec who gave up her career to inspire millions of African girls

Marcia Chatelain

Pulitzer Prize-winning author and Georgetown historian

Matt Steffanina

Choreographer to Taylor Swift, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown; 12M YouTube, 7M TikTok

Kathryn Velcich

Stanford University’s most popular professor for creativity and problem solving

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