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Accelerate Your Generative AI Initiative Together

  • 45 min
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About the experience

Do you need to help your team take advantage of generative AI?
Led by leadership and artificial intelligence professor Paul Leonardi, this experience helps teams become more adept at exploiting artificial intelligence for genuine innovation and productivity through an expert-led workshop. During the experience, you will break down areas of your work that seem repetitive or that are not creating value-add, brainstorm how generative AI could assist this area, and compete against other teams for the most bold and creative ideas. Using the STEP framework (published in November 2023 Harvard Business Review) in a format created by Teamraderie, you will learn to embrace generative AI to develop more productive and happier teams.
The AI-powered organization is coming fast. Leaders should help their employees use AI in ways that create value for themselves and for their organization. STEP provides a useful framework for thinking through how AI will lead to changes in work. Most importantly, it can assist leaders in teaching employees to work successfully (and continually) with this new technology.
Don’t miss this opportunity to STEP into AI, leaving your team more productive, innovative, and excited to tackle a new challenge.

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Level up your team by developing crucial skills that create a solid foundation for optimal team performance.
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When you hit a roadblock, what’s the first thing your team does? Creative problem-solving creates an alternate path.

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our creator hosts to lead your experience

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our creator hosts to lead your experience
Paul Leonardi
Paul Leonardi
Paul Leonardi is an award-winning researcher, professor, and consultant. As a leading-expert in digital transformation, remote work, and social networks, Paul’s goal is to prepare organizations and their employees to succeed in the new era of data-intensive and technology-supported work. At UCSB, he holds the Duca Family Endowed Chair in Technology Management and serves as director of the Ph.D. program in Organization Studies in the College of Engineering. He is getting ready to release his first book: The Digital Mindset: What it Really Takes to Thrive in the Age of Data, Algorithms and AI (with Harvard Business School Press).

Customer Reviews

“…the conversation with Paul opened some new ways for how we might think about generative AI and it’s impact on our day-to-day and go forward goals…”


December, 2023

“…I’ve read some of Paul’s articles in HBR. It was great to get this opportunity to discuss Paul’s perspective on generative AI in a live session…”

VP Product

November, 2023

“…we not only learned a new perspective, but practiced it too… great session with many outcomes and future learnings that can be made…”

Chief People Officer

November, 2023

“…I used this to bring our team together and revisit how we all work in the ever changing digital world…incredibly effective…”


December, 2023

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