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What do great teams have in common with Duke Ellington and Miles Davis? They have all mastered the art of unlearning, perform and experiment simultaneously, and take turns soloing and supporting each other.

In this Teamraderie experience, jazz pianist and professor, Frank Barrett, takes your team on a musical journey to “unlearn” and “say yes” in order to develop a culture of improvisation and innovation. First, he will guide your team through an improvisation activity to co-create a song together. Through nerves and stumbles, you will realize the art that comes from error. In the second activity, you will deconstruct a session with Miles Davis to learn the proactive competence approach that lead to his highest selling jazz album. Lastly, you will discuss concepts from “Yes to the Mess: Surprising Leadership Lessons from Jazz” and how to offer each other support and take turns as leaders just as jazz players do. 

Take a leap and discover how your team can turn noise into music together.

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  • Frank Barrett

    Frank Barrett is a Professor of Management and Global Public Policy at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. He earned a PhD in Organizational Behavior from Case Western Reserve University and authored the book “Yes to the Mess: Surprising Leadership Lessons from Jazz”. In addition to writing, Frank is an accomplished jazz musician and has traveled extensively with the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra. His research interests and expertise include organizational change, social constructionism, organizational innovation, improvisation and appreciative inquiry.

To get started on your journey, complete the booking process for this experience.
To get started on your journey, complete the booking process for this experience.
$2,000 for up to 20 people
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Engineer Leader
March, 2023

“…the best use of one hour that we’ve had in months…”

Director, Operations
February, 2023

“…I’ve never seen a format like this…incredibly engaging for us…we could not have been more thrilled…”

Event & Experience Lead
February, 2023

“I organized this Teamraderie experience for a group of team leads and heard nothing but positive feedback…”

March, 2023

“This experience impressed me on multiple levels. Thank You!”

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Teamraderie experiences leverage a proprietary format developed with universities. Your host is trained to deliver an experience that emphasizes people feeling safe, secure, and connected.