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Could your team expand their impact if they became great in using ‘storytelling’ at work?

Humans respond to ‘stories’. Unlike other narrative forms, ‘stories’ communicate information in a primal, intuitive way. Stories boost feelings of trust, compassion, and empathy. They motivate us to work with others and positively influence our social behavior. Stories have a unique ability to build connections.

And yet, few of us use ‘stories’ when seeking to influence outcomes at work. Unfortunately, when we do not share our perspective as a story, our audience fills in the gap on their own – compromising the message we sought to express. This means we miss opportunities for impact.

In this Teamraderie experience focused on ‘Workplace Skills that Improve Team Performance’, you will be joined by an acclaimed visual artist – with expertise in storytelling.

You will learn and practice tools that bring your audience into your story and help them understand the value you can provide. Your entire team will learn to become proficient at telling stories.

Give your team the gift of ‘storytelling’ to help them drive impact.

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our acclaimed creator hosts to lead your experience.

  • Tim May

    Tim is a visual thinking machine, as a designer for XPLANE over the last 10 years, Tim has inspired a cult following of doodlers, visual thinkers, and facilitators from all walks of life! In his role as Creative Director, Tim oversees nearly all of XPLANE’s projects, including strategy activation and process innovation work.


    His bigger than life facilitation style has helped broker alignment among even the most challenging of clients. He spends his days guiding XPLANE’s projects from initial idea to utter awesomeness.

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$2,000 for up to 20 people
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What Happens Next?


Operations Team Leader
February, 2023

“Fantastic, I’m totally blown away by Tim and this experience.”

Chief Financial Officer
January, 2023

“It’s exactly what I’ve been looking for. It’s incredible.”

Analytics Leader
January, 2023

“This experience impressed me on multiple levels. Thank You!”

Administrative Assistant
February, 2023

“Great job, I will definitely be ordering again! Everything was great. “

Uses Cases

Teamraderie experiences leverage a proprietary format developed with universities. Your host is trained to deliver an experience that emphasizes people feeling safe, secure, and connected.