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When it comes to having extraordinary health and living our best life there is usually one key element overlooked: Sleep.

Through science and stories, your team will learn tools to sleep better which can be a catalyst for productivity, innovation, personal growth, and happiness. By unlocking the power of sleep we can generate more energy to contribute more, perform better, and make a bigger difference.

In this Teamraderie experience, a certified Sleep Science Academy coach will share insights about how to combat the biggest detractors to sleep. Through diagnostic assessments, discussions, and group exercises, you will learn how to get better quality sleep consistently and thrive at work and in life. Your team will discover essential techniques and tools to fall asleep faster, rest deeper, and wake refreshed.

Come together as a team. Discover the keys to unlocking the power of your best night’s rest. Wake up with more peace, power and presence.

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our acclaimed creator hosts to lead your experience.

  • Devin Burke

    Devin Burke helps exhausted insomniacs get and stay asleep so they can wake up with more peace, power and presence. He is a bestselling author, TEDx speaker, renowned sleep coach and founder of Sleep Science Academy which helps people stop suffering and start sleeping using a unique holistic approach based in science. He was named one of the “Top 25 Health Coaches in America.” and has studied innovative holistic coaching methods from some of the world’s top health and human performance experts for over a decade.

  • Emily Rusch

    Emily Rusch is a sleep specialist, wellness advocate, health coach and fitness instructor.  She earned her BSA in Health Science from Brenau University and her certification in holistic nutrition from the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Emily has worked in the health industry for over a decade and is a practiced wellness speaker.  She holds corporate classes teaching topics that range from mindfulness and meditation to stress management and strategies for better sleep.  A recurring author for Chicken Soup for the Soul, Emily writes articles promoting a balanced and healthy life.

  • Stacy Christian

    As a certified and experienced holistic health coach, Stacy’s work focuses on uncovering obstructive thought patterns, life stressors, and unhealthy habits that disrupt people’s sleep and wellbeing. She learned through personal experience and many years of coaching that all healing starts with radical self compassion and an open mind. Stacy has successfully coached people in all walks of life, including doctors, CEOs, therapists, and entrepreneurs towards attaining quality, restful sleep.

  • Laura Andors

    Laura Andors’ health journey began in 2015 when she dove into research and experimentation. With time and intentionality, she was able to reduce her chronic headaches, digestive issues, stress, anxiety, depression and insomnia. She decided to combine her two greatest passions— health and wellness and serving others and earned her health coaching certification from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2019. She takes a gentle approach and specializes in stress management and insomnia.

To get started on your journey, complete the booking process for this experience.
To get started on your journey, complete the booking process for this experience.
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What Happens Next?


Business Development Manager
March, 2023

“The session was a home run. The SSA coaches gave our team the tools to manage their stress and be more effective in their lives. this was exactly what our team needed right now.”

Chief Innovation Officer
February, 2023

“I highly recommend Devin to any organization looking to book someone in matters of sleep and mental health. It was incredibly interactive and felt like we were in person, not virtual. Each person felt heard and valued. If your team is feeling stress, Devin and his team can definitely help.”

Customer Success Manager
February, 2023

“…my team is still talking about their sleep experience, it was is exceptional…”

VP of Product
March, 2023

“…so well-done; we wanted to catalyze our team to see things differently; two weeks after our session, we were still citing elements from it and using it to challenge each other…”

Uses Cases

Teamraderie experiences leverage a proprietary format developed with universities. Your host is trained to deliver an experience that emphasizes people feeling safe, secure, and connected.