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Learn Authentic Communication with Award-Winning Poet IN-Q

  • 90 min
  • Available Globally
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About the experience

Harvard Business Review states, “Teams should make authenticity a core value from the start.” When employees introduce their authentic selves, “Both they and their employer perform better.”
Led by Emmy nominated poet IN-Q, this experience aims to build trust and increase psychological safety through an interactive poetry workshop. For the first ten minutes, IN-Q performs a piece of work live — and your team becomes accustomed to ‘spoken word art’ or ‘slam poetry’ as a medium for story-telling. Then, IN-Q will share a prompt and your team will practice their own story-telling.
Don’t miss this opportunity to form deep connections and fast, leaving you with new insights, a feeling of camaraderie, and a revitalized team spirit.
A February 2021 Wall Street Journal front-page article praised this Teamraderie experience for emblematic of how modern managers are adapting their style for a new era of work. The WSJ story quotes a Dell Technologies executive who used the experience to create “a deeper sense of trust between colleagues.” This experience will help your team form deep connections and trust – fast.

Book this experience when you want to:

Boost Energy and Motivation
Beat the midday slump with this pick-me-up experience to boost energy, motivation, and productivity on your team.
Build Team Trust
Trust is the foundation for everything we do. Build trust between team members and prioritize expressing appreciation.
Form a United Team
Creating a united team allows you to work together while supporting each other as you work to achieve your common goals.
Increase Psychological Safety
Teams thrive when they feel safe to express thoughts and ideas, and are more innovative, creative, and higher-performing.
Transform Your Foundation
Establish a critical foundation for your team to work their best. No two teams are alike; create something that works for YOU.

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our creator hosts to lead your experience

Your Host

You will be assigned one of our creator hosts to lead your experience
IN-Q is an award-winning poet, multi-platinum songwriter, and the best-selling author of Inquire Within. His achievements include being named to Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 list of the world’s most influential thought leaders, being the first spoken word artist to perform with Cirque du Soleil, and being featured on A&E, ESPN, and HBO’s Def Poetry Jam. IN-Q has inspired audiences around the world through his performances. Many of his recent poetry videos have gone viral with over 70 million views combined.

Customer Reviews

“…far-and-away the coolest things we’ve ever done at work. we laughed with each other and the poems that everyone wrote made me feel close to people in a way we hadn’t ever felt before — even after working together for years…”

CIO of 1,000-person organization

December, 2023

“…I was new to the team, but after hearing everyone’s poems I felt so much closer to these people — even closer than I had to a team I’d worked with for 3+ years at my last job…”

Individual contributor on 10-person team

November, 2023

“…We were all blown-away. This made us all a lot closer — even a couple of us where there was tension, this eased it up. I cannot recommend it highly enough…”

CMO with 10 direct reports

November, 2023

“…I learned about my team in ways that I don’t think I could have typically done over a dinner [or extended business trips]…”

VP with 10 direct reports

December, 2023

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