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Higher team productivity in
less than 3 months!

The priority of every CEO is to hire & develop teams that perform at highest potential. But every CEO struggles with “how” to get this done.

Demonstrated impact in A|B tests

In pilot programs, People leaders created two cohorts using employee survey results. Cohort A teams had standard employee experience and benefits – including manager coaching, offsites, and other investments. Cohort B teams shared two (2) purpose-selected Teamraderie experiences.

Within 90 days, Cohort B showed superior engagement and performance. Team members began to rate each other more highly. And managers reported elevated collaboration, attention to deadlines, and performance.

Productivity improvement by design

Teamraderie draws insight from peer-reviewed research on “how” to build trust, increase empowerment, improve collaboration, and inspire creativity.

How to build trust

How to establish meaningful connection

How to develop psychological safety

How to ignite creativity

How to create belonging

Run a Simple Pilot Program

1. Baseline

Use a recent employee survey to set the baseline and surface issues the team needs to address. Most pilots start with 5 to 50 teams.

2. Effective Action

Each enrolled team will complete two (2) Teamraderie experiences. Teamraderie will help managers with selection.
Team + manager share one experience
The selected experience will address one of the growth areas identified on the EX. It is recommended to encourage managers to schedule this to occur within 45 days of the end of the last EX survey.
The selected experience will address another growth areas identified on the EX. It is recommended to encourage managers to schedule this to occur within 30-60 days of Experience #1.

3. Productivity & Performance

Each enrolled team will complete a short survey that assesses team dynamics changes that directly impact team productivity and performance.

Teams are scored based on changes in areas such as:

  • Trust and belonging
  • Willingness to ask for help
  • Comfort to share ideas
  • Freedom to disagree

4. Measurement

To track the change in EX scores (relative to non-enrolled teams), use the next EX survey. This provides a simple measurement (that you’re already doing) to show impact.

Teamraderie is a low-risk, low-friction, proven way to respond to EX feedback without the manager feeling threatened.

Our pilot ran from mid-July to mid-October. In three months, we showed we could positively more EX by 18%
— Head of L&D, $1B SaaS company

We ran a pilot with teams in the United States, Europe, and India – and saw excellent lift in each region.

CHRO, $3B SaaS company

Teamraderie helps you at every step

1. Pick Scope

Start with anywhere from 5 to 100 teams. Pilots start at $10K.

2. Get Approval

Teamraderie provides resources and peer pilot results to help you get fast approval for your pilot.

3. Enroll Teams

You will pick the managers and teams to include in the pilot. Teams will complete two (2) experiences aligned to key issues.

5. Share Your Success

You’ll be given a data-driven, well-documented presentation to take forward to your execs and stakeholders.

4. Review Results

Teamraderie will administer the Productivity & Performance measurement and help you analyze the EX data.

Over 90% of Teamraderie pilots have generated 18%+ improvement in productivity & performance.

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