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Best Ways to Support Women at Work

In March, we are celebrating Women’s History Month.


What are the best ways for companies to improve the experiences of women at work?


To answer that question, McKinsey interviewed 400+ companies. Insights from the 2021 Women in the Workplace study include:


1. Women are taking more action to support their teams.


How Managers are Supporting Employees



2. However, this critical well-being work is going overlooked.


Almost 87% of companies say that the work managers do to promote employee well-being is very or extremely critical.

But only 25% of companies are recognizing this work to a substantial extent in formal evaluations like performance reviews.



3. Women are more burned out than a year ago – and more so than men.


42% of women have been consistently burned out in 2021, compared to 32% a year ago and to 35% for men in 2021.

Almost 40% of women have considered leaving the workforce or downshifting their careers.



4. Top performing companies do things differently to support women and drive progress.


For example, 92% of top performing companies have invested into reducing bias in a virtual environment (compared to 55% for all companies).

58% of leading companies invest in creating a sustainable work culture and encourage new hires to set boundaries around their time availability.

85% of top performers focus on providing mentoring and sponsorship programs for women of color.






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2. Women Who Changed the World of Whiskey


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3. Apply Radical Candor to Form Better Relationships


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