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Creator Spotlight: Sciabica Family California Olive Oil

Monday December 14, 2020

Creator Spotlight: Sciabica Family California Olive Oil

Monday December 14, 2020

We are pleased to share the latest addition to Teamraderie experiences — olive oil tastings.


Sciabica Family’s California Olive Oil has been producing olive oil in California since 1936. Originally from Marsala, Sicily, the Sciabica family has passed down the knowledge of olive oil production for four generations. In the 1980s, the family pioneered “single varietal” olive oils, keeping individual olive types separate (just like wine).  In the 1990s, the family again blazed a new path with “fresh flavored” olive oil, made by sending fresh fruit, herbs or peppers (such as lemons, basil and jalapeños) with the olives through the presses. The result was a remarkable fresh flavor and healthy eating experience without artificial flavors or heat infusion. Today, Sciabica continues the family tradition of making the highest quality 100% Extra Virgin Cold Pressed Olive Oil.



The Sciabica Olive Oil tasting kit includes:


3 olive oils

1 balsamic vinegar

Fresh-baked artisanal breads

Sparkling water (to cleanse the palate)

Tasting Cups, labeled tasting mat, plate, napkin


Olive oil tastings are a fun and enriching way for teams to celebrate and share an experience together while physically separated during the pandemic. Olive oil tastings can be the best option for virtual, non-alcoholic team experiences (or you can choose to add wine or beer). Olive oil is known for its health benefits and olive oil tastings are unique — many people have not experienced them before. We handle all the logistics for you, and we ship a Sciabica olive oil kit to each employee’s home address. Read more about how olive oil tastings can create a shared mindset for teams.


Book an olive oil experience for your team today.

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