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Virtual Team Building

Virtual Team Building for 2021 – Energy, Focus and Purpose to Start the Year

  • Monday January 4, 2021
  • Teamwork   

Teams return to work this week. Most will be remote and nearly all face elevated local restrictions. Leaders are seeking to show their teams that 2021 actually promises new and far better ways of working.


Teamraderie partnered with thought leaders at Stanford University to debut two new experiences that will give teams perspective, energy and new collaborative norms to start 2021.


A 2021 Team Refresh | Energy, Focus and Fun for Your Team


Give your team a “refresh” in just 45 minutes! In this Teamraderie experience, Stanford University’s Kathryn Segovia joins you live and leads two interactive games. In “The Subtraction Game”, your team removes one “old” norm that held-back collaboration in 2020. In “The Strengths Game”, Dr. Segovia helps your team adopt one “new” norm to emphasize together. 


The two games were developed by Stanford University management expert Robert Sutton (“No Asshole Rule”, “Good Boss, Bad Boss”) in recognition that all teams — no matter how long they have been together — need to periodically revisit norms and habits.


Constructive Team Rituals for Better Virtual Work


Help your team create effective new rituals for remote work in just 30 minutes! Stanford University’s Glenn Fajardo (and author of “Rituals for Virtual Work”, to be published in January) joins you live and leads a discussion on why humans find such importance in “ritual”. Glenn will lead your team in an interactive game where your team explores entirely new ways to communicate over Zoom. The game will serve as a discussion point and metaphor for how you need to communicate differently when you enter a new space, like virtual meetings. Glenn will help your team develop its own new rituals to thrive in virtual meetings in 2021.


And because every team needs a jumpstart, Teamraderie has partnered with dripkit to introduce a new coffee tasting experience:


A Coffee Tasting Jumpstart for Your Team


In this Teamraderie experience, you and your teammates receive an elegant kit containing three “drip kits”, three cups, and a baked good. A coffee educator and barista will join to explain why coffee is grounded (no pun intended) in community and why it evokes such a sense of shared experience. Learn about coffee, taste three new flavors, develop your palate and share community together.


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