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How Dell Engaged Remote Employees through Poetry

This week, the Wall Street Journal published a front-page story about a Teamraderie customer John Smits of Dell. John used a 90-minute Teamraderie Experience, ‘Do Something You’ve Never Done’ with Artist IN-Q, to help colleagues get to know each other better and deepen their sense of trust.


Dell engaged remote employees


Since the story debuted, we received 100s of inquiries from teams wanting to understand this Teamraderie Experience better. We want to share the highlights with you – as this experience, though unconventional, has proven powerful to create deep connection in teams – fast.


What is the goal of this Experience?

Distributed teams accomplish several goals with this Experience: (1) strengthen bonds and trust in existing teams; (2) create connection in newly-formed teams; (3) cultivate psychological safety to help teams share more ideas and be more creative.


Who is leading it?

IN-Q is an award-winning poet and multi-platinum songwriter. He was named to Oprah’s SuperSoul 100 list of the world’s most influential thought leaders. He helped write popular songs like Selena Gomez’s “Love You Like a Love Song.”


How does a team prepare for it?

Team needs to clear the schedule for 90 minutes. No additional preparation is required.


What is happening during the Experience?

IN-Q performs live (10 minutes) and then shares a ‘prompt’ (which you can select) – which your team will use to write their own poem. IN-Q performs a poem to show you what you can do with the prompt – and then helps your team to write their own rap or poem about the topic.


What is the outcome?

“The experience created a deeper sense of trust between colleagues,” John Smits says in the WSJ story. “I learned about my team in ways that I don’t think I could have typically done over a dinner.”


What do team leaders need to plan this Experience for their team?

Most importantly, to benefit from this powerful Experience, leaders need to manifest the essential dimension of leadership – choosing ‘courage’ over ‘comfort’. “I knew it would be something equally uncomfortable for everyone, which proved to be true,” Mr. Smits says. Tactically, leaders can book the Experience for their teams on Teamraderie marketplace.


 If you are looking to strengthen connection, trust and creativity in your team, consider going through this Teamraderie experience together.