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How To Ready Your Team For ‘Hybrid Work’

Most knowledge workers are transitioning to the hybrid work style in coming months. Leaders are sorting out specifics of the hybrid approach that will be in-place at their companies. 


McKinsey surveyed 100 executives across industries and geographies — for the purpose of understanding how they are seeking to lock-in the productivity gains of the past year.


According to the report, nine out of ten executives envision a hybrid model going forward. And while details of their plans vary, there are two dominant themes that are guiding how they will invest in their employees later this year:


1. Organizations that have kept employees connected during the pandemic have also tended to see productivity increase.
Organizations with the biggest productivity increases during the pandemic supported and encouraged “small moments of engagement” among their employees.


Recommendation for Hybrid Teams


Recommendation for Hybrid Teams:
If you look to sustain pandemic-style productivity gains with a hybrid model, you will need to deliberately plan these small moments of connection and interaction.



2. Productivity leaders have trained their managers on how to lead teams differently.
Supporting “small moments of connection” requires subtle shifts in how managers work.


Recommendation for Hybrid Teams


Recommendation for Hybrid Teams:
Organizations can better support managers by helping them explore novel ways to establish connection and trust, and address the loss of empathy.


The point of view of economist and McKinsey partner Susan Lund resonated with us. Susan Land encourages leaders to think about the employee experience more broadly. What does it take to have an amazing employee value proposition to attract talent? This is not only an HR issue; it’s about company strategy. Reimagining work is a cross-functional, top-team decision-making process.


Teamraderie Experiences are designed to create “moments of connection and engagement” for hybrid and remote teams.


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