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Hybrid B2B Selling is Here to Stay: Learn New Ways to Connect

New McKinsey study predicts hybrid selling will become the dominant B2B sales strategy by 2024:


– Deal Size:
70%+ of buyers are willing to spend $50K+ with an all-remote sales motion.
25%+ are willing to spend $500K+.


– Speed:
I no longer have to wait three months for a date when everyone can travel to the same spot. I can speak with experts more often and on short notice.”


– Effectiveness:
Remote reps can reach 4X as many accounts and generate up to 50% more revenue.


Hybrid B2B Selling Graph


However, McKinsey warns that remote-selling models introduce new cultural dynamics for revenue teams. More intentional networking across digital channels is a key prerequisite for relationship building and learning.


What can revenue leaders do to help their teams?



Virtual Experiences for Revenue Teams and their Customers!


Teamraderie offers 40+ unique and engaging virtual experiences ranging from “coffee/tea tasting” to “virtual NASCAR pit stop  led by auto racing’s first “pit crew coach”. 


Three key use cases for hybrid sales teams:


1. TEAM EVENT: deepen connection and improve collaboration in a sales team or a cross-functional team (e.g., invite solution consulting, marketing, or product colleagues).


2. REVENUE KICKOFF: add inspiration and purpose to the kickoff event. Reinforce RKO messages and themes through a live interactive conversation with an acclaimed expert or celebrity.


3. CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT: cultivate relationships and build rapport with prospects and customers virtually. We offer experiences for all stages of the customer lifecycle.


Example experience for customer engagement and networking:


Coffee Tasting













Early-stage sales cycle with a high-priority prospect.


The revenue team was looking for a less “dry and formal” way to perform discovery.


Engaging Customer Touchpoint:
The team invited the prospect to the Coffee/Tea Tasting Jumpstart Teamraderie experience. Each participant received an elegant box with coffee drip kits or teas paired with snacks. The meeting started with a 20-minute energizing experience with a barista, followed by the use case discovery session led by the sales team.



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