Ready for Hybrid Work?

“Ready for Hybrid Work?” — Highlights from the Live Event

  • Thursday May 6, 2021
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Earlier this week Teamraderie hosted a live event, ‘Ready for Hybrid Work?’, with Harvard Business School’s Tsedal Neeley and Stanford’s Bob Sutton.


Ready for Hybrid Work? with Tsedal Neeley



Tsedal Neeley is a leading expert in virtual and global work. Her latest book, Remote Work Revolution, provides remote workers and managers with the best practices necessary to perform at the highest levels in their organizations.

Ready for Hybrid Work? with Bob Sutton


Bob Sutton is Stanford professor, and New York Times bestselling author. His work focuses on changing organizations for the better, leading with competence and kindness, and building workplaces that don’t drive people crazy.



During this session, Tsedal Neeley and Bob Sutton shared the latest perspectives on shifts in modern work and specific recommendations on what needs to be done to help your team navigate hybrid and remote work environments.


We would like to highlight five recommended action items for team leaders:


Action #1: Deliberately (Re)Launch Teams
Leaders must perform “Team re-launch” every 6-8 weeks. You have to make sure that you are clear on four things: (1) Common goals; (2) Individual constraints; (3) Shared norms; (4) Team’s approach to remaining connected professionally and personally.

Action #2: Consciously Work to Create Connection and Trust
Trust is a key driver of productivity. Emotional trust is the type of trust that every leader needs to worry about. It is grounded in the belief that a person takes care and concern for others. It can be developed remotely through self-disclosure and empathy.

Action #3: Set Up ‘Shared Experiences’ to Learn New Things Together
Budget dedicated time for informal conversations. For example, learning something new as a group is a powerful way to bond and connect. You have to be deliberate about creating informal content and changing it up regularly.

Action #4: Create Discussions that Lead to Shared Sense of Purpose
Managers need to take ownership for ‘culture’. Values can be conveyed virtually, and you want to do it on a regular basis. What is important to us as an organization? What are our shared norms? What are the appropriate attitudes and behaviors?

Action #5: Increase Focus on Retention
The companies that are smart are working hard to retain talent. Do we have team cohesion? Is our team operating as one unit? Leaders have to do a lot of motivation and look at finding ways to ensure that the team is collaborating well.


Teamraderie virtual experiences are designed to help leaders navigate the transition. You can reach out to us at or visit our experience finder if you would like to learn more. 

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