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The Biggest Changes in the Mindset of Global Workforce

Thursday June 3, 2021

Do you feel you know your teammates well?


Your colleague returning to the office post-pandemic won’t be the same person who left the building in 2020. This is the key finding from a new study performed by Insigniam, a management consulting firm. Insigniam analyzed 1,110 people globally, from individual contributors to the C-suite.


According to the study, the way employees perceive themselves, how they perceive their lives, and how they perceive their work environment have dramatically changed. These shifts are likely permanent. As a result, managers ought to rethink work styles and leadership approaches to align with new mindsets.


Here are the three biggest changes in the mindset of the global workforce:

Example Mindset Shift #1

Changes in the Mindset of Global Workforce #1


– 42% said life and family would come first in the future.

– 41% said they would no longer choose an inflexible workplace.


Select sentiments:

I don’t want to commute long distances to work again.”

“My desire for more personal time has increased while my focus on work continues to shift. I’ve worked nights and weekends throughout my career. It’s no longer satisfying.”

“I realize work is not really as important as I thought it was.”

Example Mindset Shift #2

Changes in the Mindset of Global Workforce #2


-57% expect leaders to understand that “being real” and caring matter.

-28% said they could no longer keep life and work separate.


Select sentiments:

“I have more appreciation for the ability to blend business and personal lives—changing working hours and locations and handling personal issues during the workday are helpful.”

“There are far more variables in people’s lives than we’re used to. All the issues people have are now in front of me on camera.”

Example Mindset Shift #3

Changes in the Mindset of Global Workforce #3


– 70% of leaders said they found a greater sense of empathy and awareness.


Select sentiments:

I relate to people in a different way. I have to make more of an effort to check in with those that I supervise.”

I trust more. I am more aware of the example I am setting. I feel stronger in my values, which grounds me and reminds me that I have everything I need.”

I’m more attentive to others, and I try to cheer up my colleagues.”

One of the observations from this study resonated with us: While much has been discussed about the logistics of the post-pandemic workplace, little has addressed the shifted attitudes, perspectives and worldview that employees have about themselves and their lives—and what these changes mean for organizations.


These are some of the biggest changes in the mindset of global workforce that managers and leaders will need to recognize in order to adapt in the future of work.



Leaders have an opportunity to create a more connected, transparent, empathetic and engaging workplace for their teams.



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