The Four Manager Types and Their Impact on Performance

  • Thursday July 14, 2022
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What are the four manager types? Why are they important? and how do they impact your team’s performance?

If you lead and advise your teams based on your own expertise and strong track record as an individual contributor you might be destroying value for the team.

In a recent study, Gartner identified four distinct manager types and analyzed their impact on sustainable performance:

Sustainable Performance = Employee Performance + Employee Health

Sustainable performers are 17% more productive and 1.7X more likely to stay at their companies.

The Connector manager type appeared to be most effective in driving sustainable performance.

Connector managers improved employee performance by 26% and tripled the likelihood that their direct reports were high performers.

So, what are the 4 manager styles and their impact?

(1) Manager Style #1: The Connector Manager


Creates a positive team environment

Focuses on building quality relationships

Helps employees develop network


45% boost on sustainable performance


(2) Manager Style #2: The Cheerleader Manager


Motivates people to shape own development

Gives positive feedback, avoids criticism

Doesn’t obsess over details


Marginal boost (due to positive empowerment) on sustainable performance


(3) Manager Style #3: The Always-On Manager


Provides frequent or ‘in-the-moment’ feedback / coaching

Directs employee development


No impact on sustainable performance


(4) Manager Style #4: The Teacher Manager


Provides advice based on their own expertise strong track record as individual contributor

Directs employee development


Negative impact on sustainable performance


Connector managers closely monitor their team’s health and cohesion. They also build a foundation of psychological safety that fosters trust, so that employees are invested in one another’s well-being and success, not just their own. 

Teamraderie experiences can help your managers become better Connectors. Experiences are designed to cultivate a positive team environment and build social ties among team members.

"Connector managers improved employee performance by 26% and tripled the likelihood that their direct reports were high performers."
Example Popular Experiences for Strengthening Connections

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