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Shared team experiences that help managers and
their teams develop new skills and build connection.

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More Connected
Higher Trust
Less Burnout
Greater Creativity
Develop Your Talent
Better Inclusion
More Productive
Move Faster
Strong Alignment
Open Communication
Creater Belonging

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At peer companies, managers who share quarterly Teamraderie experiences show 30% higher EX scores

  • "I am
    at work"
  • "New Skills
    that I
    use daily"
  • "Investing
    my growth"

Contribute to
your team's

Get recognized
for team development

How managers earn “ServiceNow Team Development” awards

The award recognizes managers who invest in developing themselves and their teams.

Any ServiceNow manager is eligible to
receive a Team Development Award
when they:

  • Book three (3) team experiences
  • Ensure one experience in each ServiceNow category
Do all three(3) in 2023

Peer reviews at ServiceNow

“The best way to get a group of people to really trust one another is have them share in an experience. Teamraderie clearly gets that. Our Teamraderie experience put our cross-functional team on a path to trust and ultimately deliver greatness!”
Vice President Operations,
Digital Innovation & Transformation
“Our session was a treat. The messages were right on point and set up the rest of our time together perfectly. Thank you Teamraderie for setting our team up for success.”
SVP, HR Business Partners
“I’m feeling very connected to my global team...”
 ,  People Leader
“What a great team event...”
 ,  People Leader

The Teamraderie Difference

Become a
better leader…
…Teamraderie lets you practice your soft skills
with your team and gives you weekly tips
Everyone learns about themselves…

…through shared experiences and research-based approaches

Team-centric program
created for ServiceNow

Frances Frei Harvard Business School

  • Founding Advisor to Teamraderie
  • Beloved member of our extended ServiceNow family

Frequently Asked Questions

How many times per year can I use this?

You can use multiple times every year.



How many people per experience?

The recommended team size is 5-15 people (for maximum engagement) — but you can arrange experiences for up to 100+ persons.

How do I track progress?

Once you book, you will be given login that tracks team progress towards goals.


Can I pick any experience?

Yes. And, when your team completes three experiences — one from UNITE, one from DEVELOP, one from TRANSFORM, you receive the “ServiceNow Leaders Club” plaque.

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