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Teaming is fundamental to value creation.

In the knowledge economy, teams are the principal means by which work gets done and organizational value is created. Companies depend on cross-disciplinary collaboration + continuous innovation.

However, 91% of teams are not “teaming”.

Few employees think their team meets that criteria. Only 8.7% of employees rate their teams as “high performing.”

There are three things that all high-performance teams have in common.


Effective collaboration isn’t just about working together—meeting overload drains employees—but optimizing synchronous collaboration. Do your employees feel comfortable asking for help? Are they active participants in meetings? Do they feel siloed?

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Trusting employees are 260% more motivated, but only 3 in 4 team members trust their employers. Are your employees comfortable being their authentic selves? Do they feel personally cared for? Are they confident in their colleagues’ and leaders’ decision-making?

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When employees feel included, productivity increases by approximately 35%. Do your team members feel accepted by their colleagues? What steps are you taking to cultivate a sense of belonging in the workplace?

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Focus on cultivating strong team relationships to drive fast and meaningful improvement.

According to Harvard Business Review, connection and relationship-building is vital to creating collaborative, high-performance teams.
“A wealth of studies reveal that by fueling our basic human psychological need for belonging, meaningful workplace connections drive many of the outcomes central to high-performing teams.”

How Teamraderie Helps

A Modern Employee Experience

90% of team members agree the Teamraderie experience strengthened connection to their team