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How to Become a Better Manager in 5 Steps

Wednesday June 15, 2022

How to Become a Better Manager in 5 Steps

Wednesday June 15, 2022

Reasons to Become a Better Manager

Managers often focus more on business targets while overlooking how their teams really feel. Successful teams need managers that build connections and provide encouragement. Before we talk about how to become a better manager, let’s dive into some of the important reasons why that should be a focus in any leadership position.


5 Reasons to Become a Better Manager:


(1) Employees want fulfilling work

PWC reported (Global Workforce Hopes and Fears) 1 in 5 employees are likely to switch employers in the next year. Retaining them will require more than just pay. Fulfilling work (matters to 69% of employees) and the opportunity to be one’s authentic self at work (matters to 66%) are among the most important factors.


 (2) Employees want better experiences

In the Future Forum Pulse, Slack learned that following return to office, employee experience scores dropped to near-record lows. Work stress and anxiety score dropped 28%, work-life balance score dropped 17%. Interestingly, the sense of belonging dropped 10%+ despite socialization opportunities offered by the office environment.


(3) Employees want psychological safety

McKinsey & Company found (Hybrid work and DEI study) team-building is a top inclusion practice for modern managers. Team-building activities are essential for building psychological safety and deep connections on teams.


(4) Employees want real connections

In the Great Resignation study, MIT Sloan Management Review discovered toxic culture is by far the strongest predictor of attrition and is 10X more important than compensation in predicting turnover. Helping teams stay connected via company-sponsored social events will increase retention and is estimated to be 30% more effective than raising compensation.


(5) Employees want meaning

HBR (Team rituals and meaning study) explains that performing a group bonding activity leads to a 16% increase in how meaningful employees judged their work to be.


How to become a better manager:

Becoming a better manager may seem like an impossible task. We have broken it down into these four steps, which implemented over time will hopefully increase team morale and productivity, making the workplace more enjoyable for both you and your employees. 


(1) Get to know your employees


Having stress free and informal conversations with your employees will make them feel like you care about them as people. This makes them more comfortable opening up and sharing their interests and strengths as well as their struggles. Once you have an idea of what those are, find ways to use their strengths and support them in their struggles. It is important that managers tailor work expectations and processes to employees needs and learning styles for the best outcome possible on both sides. 



(2) Work with your team rather than above them


Employees are more likely to enjoy a work environment where they feel they are equal to their superiors. Delegating responsibilities to employees and asking for their input on important decisions will help them feel more valued and trusted. Make sure they know that you value their growth within their role and don’t expect them to be experts right away so that they feel comfortable coming to you with questions or suggestions. Celebrate their wins and express appreciation for their efforts often.



(3) Practice Self Awareness


Ask employees for feedback often and accept it gracefully, then use that feedback to reflect on your own strengths and weaknesses. Use creativity to improve those weaknesses and implement your individual strengths into your team culture and processes so that you enjoy the work too.  



(4) Learn to Communicate Well


Focus on communicating goals and expectations clearly. A great way to do this is by creating a shared vision with your team. Have a conversation and see what everyone feels like the team’s strengths and goals are, and create a one sentence vision statement from those ideas that you and your team can always come back to. Make sure your team communication is organized and consistent so that everyone is on the same page. 



(5) Give Effective Feedback 


It is important to communicate your feedback constructively and effectively. Make sure to encourage employees to grow while also celebrating their existing strengths. Avoid confrontations and blaming or shaming statements. If there are serious concerns with an employee, make sure to have a professional conversation in private about the present issues, and ask some questions before communicating your assumptions about their behaviors. 


Learning how to become a better manager takes time. Do not get discouraged or feel limited by your own strengths or weaknesses. Leadership doesn’t take a certain personality type, it just takes a willingness to encourage and build up those around you while accomplishing important work


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With these reasons in mind, how can you become a better manager to meet your team’s needs?


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Reasons to Become a Better Manager and How to Do it


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