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5 Reasons to Become a Better Manager and How to Do It

Why should leaders develop skills to become better managers? The latest research tells us there are five main reasons to become a better manager for your team!


As managers, we often focus on business targets while overlooking how our teams really feel. 


Our most important job is to build a healthy work environment for our team, sustain morale, and help them build connections.


Recent studies show that we can do more, and it’s urgent. 


5 Reasons to Become a Better Manager:


(1) Employees want fulfilling work

PWC reported (Global Workforce Hopes and Fears) 1 in 5 employees are likely to switch employers in the next year. Retaining them will require more than just pay. Fulfilling work (matters to 69% of employees) and the opportunity to be one’s authentic self at work (matters to 66%) are among the most important factors.


 (2) Employees want better experiences

In the Future Forum Pulse, Slack learned that following return to office, employee experience scores dropped to near-record lows. Work stress and anxiety score dropped 28%, work-life balance score dropped 17%. Interestingly, the sense of belonging dropped 10%+ despite socialization opportunities offered by the office environment.


(3) Employees want psychological safety

McKinsey & Company found (Hybrid work and DEI study) team-building is a top inclusion practice for modern managers. Team-building activities are essential for building psychological safety and deep connections on teams.


(4) Employees want real connections

In the Great Resignation study, MIT Sloan Management Review discovered toxic culture is by far the strongest predictor of attrition and is 10X more important than compensation in predicting turnover. Helping teams stay connected via company-sponsored social events will increase retention and is estimated to be 30% more effective than raising compensation.


(5) Employees want meaning

HBR (Team rituals and meaning study) explains that performing a group bonding activity leads to a 16% increase in how meaningful employees judged their work to be.


With these reasons in mind, how can you become a better manager to meet your team’s needs?


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Reasons to Become a Better Manager and How to Do it


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