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Building Collaborative Teams in a Remote Environment

Tuesday May 31, 2022

Building Collaborative Teams

An internal analysis at Microsoft showed that when moving to remote work employees became more siloed and less collaborative. Adam Grant, an organizational psychologist, noted in an interview with Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella that “we know from decades of evidence that that’s bad for learning and innovation, that you end up with all this redundant knowledge instead of fresh perspectives.”


So how can Teamraderie experiences challenge this idea?


Teamraderie brings people together for fresh perspectives and creates the high value collaborative environment that you expect from being in an office together. Teamraderie experiences help teams through bonding and connecting, inspiring and exciting, and reinforcing visions and values.


– Bonding and Connecting – Teamraderie experiences help teams have meaningful conversations that require reflection and lead to deeper conversations. All it takes is a 45-minute conversation premised on questions that require reflection to create rapid interpersonal connection.

– Inspiring and ExcitingResearch has shown that expanding group membership to include an outsider led the group to generate 30% more—and better—ideas and improved creative output of the most tenured team members most significantly.

– Reinforcing Visions and Values – Culture is a group phenomenon that doesn’t exist within a single person or the average of individual characteristics. Shared behaviors, values, and assumptions define culture.


Teamraderie Experiences can be explored and booked online via Teamraderie experience finder. If you are seeking a personalized recommendation, reach out to us at team@teamraderie.com.

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