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How to Design Goals: Tips from Olympians and Choreographers

Friday July 29, 2022

How To Design Goals

Many teams will soon start goal setting for the remainder of 2022 and 2023:

What is possible given the shifts in the economy?

How to increase the overall productivity of the team?

How to retain and motivate top talent?

Forbes, together with the Young Entrepreneur Council, shared a set of actions for leaders to take when designing goals for their teams. Three ideas are particularly compelling:

1. Find your ‘Why’

Understanding why you want to achieve something will help you visualize what needs to get done and help those around you understand how they can best contribute.

2. Align goals with your core values

Values serve as your guide in prioritizing activities that will get you where you want to go and your filter for knowing when to say “no” to being dragged in other directions.

3. Break goals down into smaller steps

Large goals can feel insurmountable and difficult. When you know what little steps will contribute to the whole, then you can organize them more easily.

We have curated a portfolio of Teamraderie experiences to help your team set ambitious goals and get inspired to execute them. Invite your team to a 45-minute experience to broaden their perspective on goals in an engaging and energizing way.

1. Find your ‘Why’: How to Set Goals that Inspire Achievement

Tatyana McFadden is the world’s most decorated Paralympian. She has 17 Paralympic medals, 24 World Major Marathon wins, and has broken five world records.

Very often people set goals that push them to work harder; the common theme is ‘sacrifice’.

Through examples from her life finding meaning in sport, Tatyana will help your team re-think their goals for the purpose of pursuing engagement and flow.

2. Align goals with your core values: Sleigh Your Goals – ‘How’ Your Team Can Breakthrough

Simidele Adeagbo is a trailblazing Olympian and passionate advocate for building a better world through sport.

Simidele made Olympic history at the 2018 Winter Games, becoming the first Nigerian Winter Olympian and the first African and Black woman to compete in Skeleton. 

She relentlessly uses her platform to inspire others and empower women and youth. 

Simidele will lead a three-part discussion with your team about reframing your goals, taking small steps to achieve them, and focusing on your strength to retain your focus.

3. Break goals down into smaller steps: One Step at a Time – A Lesson in Choreography for Business

Matt Steffanina is the world’s most popular choreographer and the person behind the moves of Taylor Swift, Snoop Dogg, and Jason Derulo.

He will lead an interactive discussion about the parallels between choreography and business. 

Matt will explain that everyone can dance; “complex” dance moves are just a simple series of steps. Similarly, every business goal can be broken down into smaller steps.

At the end of the experience, Matt will teach everyone a new (simple but impressive) dance move.

"Understanding why you want to achieve something will help you visualize what needs to get done and help those around you understand how they can best contribute."
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