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Ideas for An Engaging Sales Kickoff

Sales kickoffs are important. Whether held virtually or in-person, they are an opportunity to help a team see the full ‘meaning’ of their work. 


Done well, sales kickoffs become moments when our strengths, interests, and values are brought together to make us feel deeply fulfilled at work.


We have collected tips and best practices to help you be intentional about your virtual sales kickoff:



(1) Help team members to connect with purpose
Stanford University researchers found that even if employees are low in ‘passion’ for their work, employees who are high in purpose outperform every cohort.


(2) Leverage external perspectives
According to Northwestern Kellogg research, including outsider perspectives led teams to generate 30% more and better ideas.


(3) Be careful of simply hiring a ‘speaker’
University of Pennsylvania Wharton research reminds us that one-way conversations – whether virtual or in-person – reduce energy in a room and have low retention rate.


(4) (Re)generate bonds and create valued social connection
Washington University research shows that interactivity at work leads to not just better well-being, but measurably higher productivity and performance.



Teamraderie offers inspirational research-based team experiences that add value to kickoff meetings. We offer a format in which ‘outside speakers’ lead highly-interactive discussions with your team in a short-burst, narrative-centric format. 


Here are the three ideas to build purpose and motivation at your kickoff event:



(1) Invite legendary chess player Garry Kasparov to your kickoff event

In the Teamraderie “Power of Perspective” experience, Garry Kasparov leads an interactive discussion with your team in which you use the game of chess as a way of thinking more strategically about your work. This experience is often used to reinforce a kickoff theme of ‘change the game’.


Team Building with Garry Kasparov

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(2) Bring world famous gymnast Nadia Comaneci to your kickoff event

In the Teamraderie “Reimagine Perfection” experience, Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner lead an interactive discussion with your team in which the fundamentals for success in gymnastics are applied to your work. This experience is often used to reinforce a theme of ‘cross-functional discipline’.


Team Building with Nadia Comaneci

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(3)Let NASCAR’s legendary pit crew coach drive-in to your kickoff event

In the Teamraderie “Nascar” experience, Andy Papathanassiou explains how he reinvented the pitstop in NASCAR and created a highly functioning organization. You can compare ‘lessons from the pitstop’ to how you collaborate with colleagues and customers.

Virtual Team Building - The NASCAR Experience

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We have removed all the complexity that might be involved in planning another piece of your kickoff event. Whether your kickoff is virtual or in-person, we join via video meeting on the date and time you need. 


Teamraderie experiences will help your team members strengthen connection to your company and purpose, see beyond personal quotas and targets and tap into intrinsic factors that drive performance.