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Top Findings From the Teamraderie Hybrid Work Survey

Last week Teamraderie hosted a live event about hybrid work with Harvard Business School’s Tsedal Neeley and Stanford’s Bob Sutton. 800+ executives (CEOs, CMOs, CROs) and People leaders (CHROs, VP People) participated in this event.


Participants completed a 10-question survey that captured intentions, concerns, and opportunities for the future of work. Companies contributing to the hybrid work survey include:


The hybrid work survey results are in and here are the top five learnings from this survey:


1. 80%+ teams anticipate some kind of “hybrid work”
Centralized teams are JUST AS LIKELY to prefer hybrid as distributed teams


2. Leaders are aware of observable issues on teams
But less concerned about longer-term implications, e.g., upcoming uptick in attrition


Hybrid Work Survey Results


According to recent studies, 2021 attrition rates may range from 25-50% at companies, a 2X+ increase (the average turnover rate in the U.S. is typically 12-15% annually, according to the U.S. Bureau of Statistics). Leaders should not overlook this issue.


3. Leaders of centralized teams have the largest burden
Centralized teams note multiple issues and need to develop new hybrid/remote muscle


4. Global team leaders are more ‘accustomed’ for modern work
‘Connection and trust’ is the only area of stronger than average concern


5. Most teams will have option to return to office in Sept. 2021
We expect new issues to surface then


To learn more about our hybrid work survey results (including charts), visit our full survey results page: Teamraderie Hybrid Work Survey Results