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Micro Workouts and How they can Help You and Your Team

It’s just past lunch and you’ve been working hard for 5 or 6 hours now and are starting to feel the midday slump. But you have a team meeting in 30 minutes! What are you supposed to do? What if we told you that you need a micro workout?


A micro workout is exactly what it sounds like. They’re small, short workouts that you can do while sitting at your desk. But how does this help? We’re glad you asked!


According to The National Library of Medicine you and your team will get the following benefits from regular exercise:


Benefits of a micro workout


-Improved sleep

-Better endurance

-Stress relief

-Improvement in mood

-Increased energy and stamina

-Reduced tiredness that can increase mental alertness

-Weight reduction

-Reduced cholesterol and improved cardiovascular fitness


You didn’t think we were going to suggest you do micro workouts and not give you some ideas of what to do did you?


Micro workouts that you can do while sitting at your desk


Abs Tucks – Sit up straight in your chair and pull your abs into your spine, hold for a moment and then release. Try doing 25 at a time.

Calf Raises – Place both feet flat on the floor. Raise your feet onto your toes and squeeze. Try doing 50 at a time.

Glute Squeezes – Sit up straight in your chair. Squeeze your glutes and hold. Try doing 25 at a time.


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