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The New Workplace Imperatives

Thursday June 30, 2022

For the first time, scientists from Yale School of Management and Ross School of Business quantified the impact of poor culture and disengagement in an HBR article.


The new State of the Workplace report from Gallup provides additional insights.


In short, low engagement and workplace stress lead to:


new workplace imperatives


Employee engagement, positive culture and wellbeing are the new workplace imperatives.


The research points to the four steps for managers to try:


(1) Foster social connections:
Positive social connections at work lead to better performance.


(2) Show empathy:
Compassionate leaders foster individual and collective resilience.


(3) Go out of your way to help:
Employees of self-sacrificing leaders are more cooperative and productive.


(4) Encourage people to talk to you:
Feeling safe in the workplace fuels experimentation and innovation.



Create positive culture on your team


Implement the recommended principles from research leveraging ‘Something in Between’ from Teamraderie.


These short 30-45 minute experiences are designed to keep your team engaged in between larger company offsites. 


The experiences are tailored to your team’s needs and help your team members connect on a deeper level.


Experiences start at $50 per person (50X lower than the average cost of the traditional offsite).





"Poor engagement and culture waste 11% of GDP"
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