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Preview of Companies’ Return-to-Office Strategies

Thursday July 29, 2021

return-to-office strategies

What is your companies’ return to office strategy? We look at global trends.


More than half of full-time workers will have a hybrid work arrangement, according to a new survey by The Conference Board.


return-to-office scenarios


Having experienced high(er) productivity, 43% workers have doubts about the need to return to the workplace at all. Back in January, only 31% felt that way.


Younger workers are those most consistently questioning the wisdom of returning to physical offices:

Millennial: 55%

Gen X: 45%

Baby Boomer: 36%


Stress/burnout is the top well-being concern among workers, particularly among women, millennials, and individual contributors. CEOs, men, and baby boomers were the largest cohorts to have no concerns about returning to the workplace.


As companies are preparing for the hybrid model, different approaches are emerging for return-to-office strategies:


Preview of companies’ return-to-office strategies


Example considerations behind future work model decisions:


return-to-office strategies


Leaders emphasize the importance of effective ways of keeping their teams connected and engaged in the hybrid environment regardless of the exact model they pick.





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Return-to-office strategies can include experiences from Teamraderie – which can be done at home or in office! Experiences can be explored and booked online via Teamraderie experience finder. If you are seeking a personalized recommendation, reach out to us at team@teamraderie.com.    

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