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Remotely Engage Customers

New and Easy Ways to Remotely Engage Customers and Prospects

  • Sunday January 31, 2021
  • Flexible Work   

Are you looking for new ways to remotely engage customers and prospects?


The pandemic has resulted in field sales and account teams moving inside for an unforeseeable future. Bank of America forecasts that business trips won’t rebound until “late 2023 or 2024”.


As revenue teams wrap-up their 2021 kickoffs, many are looking for new ways to cultivate relationships and build rapport with prospects and customers virtually.


Some Teamraderie customers (B2B sales and account management teams) treated today’s limitations as an opportunity to realize the full productivity potential of B2B virtual selling. 


Here are examples of fast and effective relationship building approaches they used to remotely engage customers:


(1) Early-Stage Sales Cycle with a High-Priority Prospect
Goal: Sales team was looking for a less “dry and formal” way to perform discovery.
Engaging Customer Touchpoint: The team invited the prospect to the Coffee Tasting Teamraderie experience. Each participant received an elegant box with coffee drip kits. The experience started with a 20-minute energizing session with a barista, followed by the use case discovery session led by the sales team. 


(2) Driving a Late-Stage Sales Cycle to Closure
Goal: Sales team was looking for a way to accelerate a sales cycle.
Engaging Customer Touchpoint: Sales leader organized a session on what the post-sales experience would look like. Services and Product experts were invited to give the customer exposure to the entire vendor team. The team attached a Teamraderie experience to this session: Great Wine and Great Cheese for Great Teams. Everyone learned the amazing story of Chateau Montelena’s team that managed to revive a crumbling Napa Valley estate and create the world’s #1 wine in just four years.   


(3) Renewal and Expansion Conversations
Goal: Sales team was looking to expand # of paid licenses at a set of customers.
Engaging Customer Touchpoint: The team organized a Product Innovation Day. The agenda consisted of a demonstration of the latest product release and Q&A with Product leaders, combined with a Teamraderie experience: Choreography And Its Lessons for Transformation in Business. Choreographer Matt Steffanina (the artist behind dances of Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, Jason Derulo) engaged customers in an inspiring discussion of parallels between choreography and business transformation enabled by technology. 


(4) Account Planning Session with Existing Customer
Goal: Account team was looking to set up an engaging Quarterly Business Review.
Engaging Customer Touchpoint: Best outcomes are achieved when teams balance ‘what’s comfortable’ with ‘some new approach’. The team complemented business-focused sessions with a Teamraderie experience: Guacamole Tasting and How Balance Comfort & Adventure. A celebrated Chef joined the group live to lead the tasting and uncover some secrets on how the best new dishes are created.

The Teamraderie platform makes experience booking and logistics easy for revenue teams (no subscription required). Please reach out to us at if you would like to learn more!


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