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New and Easy Ways to Remotely Engage Customers and Prospects

Sunday January 31, 2021

New and Easy Ways to Remotely Engage Customers and Prospects

Sunday January 31, 2021

Woman with grey hair enjoying a coffee tasting experience virtually with coworkers, sitting at a desk in front of a laptop

Are you looking for new ways to remotely engage customers and prospects?

As revenue teams wrap-up their start-of-year kickoffs, many are searching for new ways to cultivate relationships and build rapport with prospects and customers virtually.

Some B2B sales and account management teams treat remote work as an opportunity to realize the full productivity potential of B2B virtual selling.

How To Build Relationships With Customers Remotely

Here are examples of fast and effective relationship building approaches they used to remotely engage customers.

1. Early-Stage Sales Cycle with a High-Priority Prospect

In the early stage of the sales cycle, it’s important to engage your customers and give a good first impression.

  • Goal: Finding a less formal way to perform discovery.
  • Engaging customer touchpoint: A shared virtual coffee tasting experience to build trust and connection with prospects.

Teamraderie offers several coffee tasting experiences. These are excellent opportunities to engage prospective customers and drive them through the sales cycle. If your prospects aren’t fans of coffee, these experiences also have tea options.


2. Driving a Late-Stage Sales Cycle to Closure

When you’re in the sales pipeline and are hoping to close a sale, giving your customers a positive experience is a great way to close the deal while also showing them what the post-sales experience will be like.

For example, a shared experience that includes the customer and the entire vendor team is an excellent way to introduce them.

  • Goal: Accelerating your sales cycle.
  • Engaging customer touchpoint: A wine-tasting experience to bring customers and vendors together

Our virtual experience, “The Perfect Pairing,” is a great option to help close a potential deal. In this experience, everyone learns the amazing story of Chateau Montelena’s team that managed to revive a crumbling Napa Valley estate and create the world’s #1 wine in just four years, all while enjoying a delicious bottle of Chateau Montelena wine.

3. Renewal and Expansion Conversations

If you’re hoping to renew or expand an existing customer, engaging them with a shared experience can help you connect with them and increase the chances of a renewal or expansion.

  • Goal: Expanding your customer base
  • Engaging customer touchpoint: Combine a shared virtual connection experience with a product review or a meeting with Product Leaders

In our experience, “One Step at a Time,” choreographer Matt Steffanina (the artist behind dances of Taylor Swift, Chris Brown, and Jason Derulo) will engage your customers in an inspiring discussion of parallels between choreography and business transformation enabled by technology.

4. Account Planning Session with Existing Customer

Closing new deals isn’t the only important stage of the sales cycle – it’s also important to delight existing customers.

  • Goal: Set up an engaging Quarterly Business Review.
  • Engaging customer touchpoint: Learn how to balance ‘what’s comfortable’ with ‘a new approach’.

Complement your business-focused sessions with a virtual Olive Oil Tasting experience. “Essentials of Olive Oil” is a Teamraderie experience that can increase connection and delight customers through a shared tasting experience. A Certified Master Sensory Evaluator of Olive Oil will lead your team and customers on a journey of discovery while facilitating connection and helping you increase trust.

Engage Your Customers Virtually With Teamraderie

The Teamraderie platform makes experience booking and logistics easy for revenue teams. Click here to learn how to improve customer relationships with Teamraderie.

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