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Tips to Inspire Your Hybrid Team – Teamraderie Olympic Series

Thursday June 24, 2021

Inspire Your Hybrid Team - Teamraderie Olympic Series

As we approach the second half of the year, managers are seeking to inspire hybrid teams and re-energize them with new ideas.


Managing a hybrid team is different from managing an in-office team or even a fully remote team. Energizing and inspiring your workers can have a huge effect on how productive they are. 

Jim Citrin, a partner at Spencer Stewart and the author of Leading at a Distance: Practical Lessons for Virtual Success, notes that nearly 70% of leaders find motivating and inspiring people the largest challenge when managing a hybrid team.


Jim Citrin, a partner at Spencer Stuart and the author of Leading at a Distance: Practical Lessons for Virtual Success, found that 69% leaders consider inspiring and motivating people the biggest challenge in a hybrid/remote environment.


Jim shares four ideas to inspire and create a sense of purpose for your hybrid team:


1. Take time to celebrate successes

Share videos or send weekly emails to spotlight individuals’ and teams’ success stories.


2. Use storytelling to create an emotional connection

Storytelling helps people visualize — and connect with — how their work has a real-life impact.


3. Understand what your team values

Ask what team members enjoy both in and outside of work to gain insight into their motivators.


4. Try something new

Many people are struggling with the monotony of their routine — engage your team members in an activity or project outside of the normal day-to-day work.


Building Trust When Managing a Hybrid Team


Trust is a major part of inspiration and motivation. So how can you build trust when managing a hybrid team? Based on a survey from Zoom, 82% of people have more trust when the video is on during meetings. It’s a simple thing to add to meetings to increase trust and inspire the connection of team members. 


However, there are other ways to create a deeper sense of trust between leaders and workers and workers and other workers. One of them is the simple act of chatting with them about things unrelated to work. Taking time out for a quick chat can have a major impact on how others feel.


Showing respect is also essential. People who feel respected are going to trust you and want to please you more than those who think you have disrespected them. Make sure the team has a good level of psychological safety around it, so everyone feels safe to share how they feel. Being transparent is also useful for building trust.


Be Empathetic and Communicative


When managing a hybrid team, a focus has to be put on empathy. Things are going to have bumps, and people will stumble. Being empathetic about those things is essential. Help others adapt to new scenarios to avoid mistakes, but be kind when they do occur.


Make a point to communicate well as a leader. There shouldn’t be anyone who feels left out. It doesn’t matter if the person works remotely or in the office. They should be engaged and not feel lonely. This is something that will strengthen the entire team.


Another thing to watch for when managing a hybrid team is burnout. Watch the workload and be attentive to anyone who is struggling. If problems arise, be ready to jump in and help. The earlier you do this, the more it will be appreciated. It can have a huge effect on the team.




One way to apply these ideas in the coming months is to inspire and motivate your team through the Olympic parable. 


On July 23, 11,000+ athletes from 200+ countries will converge on Tokyo for the Summer Olympics. For two weeks, the world will collectively honor stories of stamina and strength, of overcoming injury and hardship, of fighting back and fighting through. 


Would your team find inspiration from a live, private conversation with an Olympian? 


Teamraderie offers your team a live discussion with the Olympics’ most iconic figures. An Olympian will join you, share a short story about what they have learned from their Olympic experience — and start a live discussion with your team that helps them see how their own stories may be similar.


Nadia Comaneci
A legendary gymnast, became the first person to receive a Perfect 10


Nadia will lead your team in a conversation about how an athlete does not prepare for everything — but rather focuses on preparing for anything. 

Next, Nadia will engage your team in a discussion about the definition of ‘perfection’ — and suggest it may be best understood as ‘agility and rapid adjustment’ — rather than an ideal state. 

Finally, you will talk about ‘success’ vs. ‘significance’ and think about what mark your



Lilly King
The world’s top-rated female swimmer, competes in the 2020 Summer Olympics


How does the world’s fastest woman prepare for the 2021 Summer Olympic games? How should a team ready itself to compete at its highest level? 

Lilly King discusses how to be resilient and mentally sharp, how to train for success in ‘imperfect’ moments, how to add a new dimension to any competition. 

Lilly will help you explore what ‘Olympic caliber’ could mean to your team.



Summer Sanders
A four-time Olympic medal winner and an American sports commentator


Virtual Team Building to Reconnect - Summer Sanders

In business we place winners on pedestals and praise achievement. But, in sports, we more commonly recognize that greatness is as much the journey to achievement as it is the achievement itself. 

Summer will help your team recognize the glory of the ‘struggle’ as a way of preparing your team to embrace norms required to move the organization forward.



Erik Schlopy
A three-time Olympic alpine ski racer and member of the U.S. Skiing Hall of Fame


Team Building with Erik Schlopy

The sport of alpine skiing is similar to business in both the variables and the variability of the ground of competition. Erik will explain the parallels you might find familiar between alpine skiing and your business. 

In an interactive discussion, Erik will help you understand the origins of performance and innovation and skiing – and lead your team to draw analogies to the origins of these two things in your business.



Simidele Adeagbo
The first Nigerian Winter Olympian and the first African and Black woman to compete in Skeleton at the Olympics


Simidele has dedicated her life to uplifting girls through the power of sport – via a program she has rolled-out in Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya and Morocco in partnership with Nike. 

Simidele was also selected as a member of the Obama Foundation Leaders inaugural class in recognition of her work driving positive change across Africa.

Simidele will help your team understand the important voice of female athletes.


Teamraderie experiences are designed to help teams navigate hybrid and remote work. Inspire your hybrid team with one of our many experiences. They can be explored and booked online via Teamraderie experience finder. If you are seeking a personalized recommendation, reach out to us at team@teamraderie.com.        

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