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Top 3 Tactics to Improve Team Collaboration

Thursday April 7, 2022

Top 3 Tactics to Improve Team Collaboration

Thursday April 7, 2022

Why is it so difficult to get things done at work and are there specific tactics to improve team collaboration?


With the proliferation of tech tools like Zoom, Slack, Miro, Trello, Asana, and others, team interactions have never been easier.


But why do we often feel that things are not getting done?


A recent McKinsey study showed that despite the increasing volume of real-time interactions many teams struggle with true, productive, value-creating collaboration. 


Teams spend too much time on pointless interactions that drain energy and produce information overload.


McKinsey recommends several shifts and tactics to improve team collaboration.


Teamraderie offers guided virtual experiences that will help your team to better understand these concepts and tactics and start practicing them in a fun and engaging way.



1. McKinsey recommendation: Decision making

Determine decision rights and accountability metrics. Result: Accelerated decision making.


Recommended Teamraderie Experience:


Tactic 1: Decision Making


Meet American sports commentator and Olympian champion Summer Sanders and discuss accountability through the lens of sports. 

Learn how having complete clarity on their role, helped an NBA team increase team chemistry and defeat dynastic competitors.



2. McKinsey recommendation: Creative solutions

Cultivate psychological safety. Result: Solid foundation for high-quality interactions and innovation.


Recommended Teamraderie Experience:


Tactic 2: Creative Solutions


With guidance from an experienced Radical candor coach, play your way to better relationships through exercises and discussion.

Learn how to build safety with each other, provide sincere praise, and request feedback.



3. McKinsey recommendation: Information sharing

Drive ruthless meeting efficiency, implement meeting protocols. Result: Reduced number of meetings, improved productivity.


Recommended Teamraderie Experience:


Tactic 3: Information Sharing


Meet Stanford University’s Glenn Fajardo and ‘relaunch’ your team for efficient work. 

With Glenn’s guidance, do the exercises that will show your team how to lead better, more connected meetings.

Adjust your mindset and behavior for the next era of work.


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