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What Do Employees Think About WFH and Return to Office?

Exactly how important is WFH and return to office for employees?


Four in ten Americans who currently work from home at least one day a week would seek another job if employers require a full return to business premises, according to a WFH survey run jointly by the University of Chicago, ITAM and Stanford University. 


WFH and Return to Office - Employee response


Study shows that most employees, especially those living with children, would look favorably on a new job that offers the same pay and the option to work from home 2 or 3 days a week:


WFH and Return to Office - Men Vs. Women opinion

WFH and Return to Office - child status opinion

WFH and Return to Office - Opinion based on education level


Companies are not oblivious to these preferences. The Economist reported that the proportion of tech jobs mentioning remote working jumped to 77% in August:


Proportion of Tech jobs mentioning remote working


The chief economist at Indeed sees the shift towards remote working as “permanent”.  As companies are embracing a remote or hybrid work model, leaders need to adopt new ways for keeping their teams connected and maintaining culture. Pre-pandemic routines need to be replaced with the ones that ensure trust and equity in a new environment.





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Virtual Team Building - The NASCAR Experience


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