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Unite, Celebrate, and Thrive!

Celebrate Pride Month with your team!
Choose from a variety of experiences to foster inclusion, belonging, and diversity on your team.

A portion of proceeds from all Pride Month experiences will be donated to The Trevor Project.

The Trevor Project’s mission is to end suicide among LGBTQ young people. Click here to learn more.

Pride Month Team Building Experiences that Spark Growth and Collaboration

Embrace diversity and ignite team spirit with festive Pride Month Experiences. Elevate your summer team-building experiences with beer, cocktails (or mocktails!), creativity, or improv. Whether your team is in-office, hybrid, or remote, create an unforgettable Pride Month.

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Raise a glass to diversity and inclusion! Join us for a celebration of the vibrant LGBTQIA+ community in the world of craft beer. Indulge in a flavorful journey as we showcase a handpicked selection of beers crafted by LGBTQIA+ breweries, each with a unique story.

From hoppy ales to smooth stouts, experience the rich tapestry of flavors while supporting and embracing the queer brewing community. Come together, sip with pride, and savor the delicious intersection of beer and inclusivity in this extraordinary beer experience.

Cookie Canvas

Do you need an interactive activity to celebrate together?

You will learn and practice cookie decorating techniques such as flooding, marbling, and wet-on-wet. Teamraderie will provide a kit with cookies, icing, and art sheets and the instructor will lead a unique cookie decorating experience. While the instructions are the same, each cookie represents the uniqueness of the individual who decorated it.

Celebrate Pride Month in June as we craft three cocktails and explore the history of Pride. Sip, learn, and celebrate LGBTQIA+ stories in this vibrant mixology experience. Cheers to inclusivity and the art of the perfect pour!
Tuning In

Can you imagine being able to truly understand and respond to the emotions of those around you?

During this experience, your team will learn the art of improv and develop invaluable social skills that strengthen their ability to connect with others on a deep and meaningful level. Get ready to feel the power of empathy and transform your team dynamic like never before!

Angles & Zentangles

A zentangle is a method of drawing structured patterns and creating beautiful designs through repetitive strokes.

With a drawing kit that includes a sketchpad and colored pencils, your team will learn from an expert artist from a female-led, California-based art studio.
Design your team or company logo, explore different themes, and create a unique zentangle. Share your designs and bond with your team while unleashing your creativity!

Painting with Purpose

Take a break from your day, relax your mind, and paint something meaningful while bringing your team together in this shared creative experience.

Joined by a professional artist, everyone will receive a canvas, paint, brushes and a pre-chosen design that you will all learn to paint together.

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