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Your next best action is building trust with your customer.

Everything you need to broaden & strengthen customer relationships while creating meaningful differentiation. 

Teamraderie Experiences Improve Pipeline Conversion Rates and Accelerate Deals

Every sales cycle in your pipeline will benefit from adding stakeholders, deepening trust, and showcasing your differentiation. A thoughtful customer event — selected to reinforce your message — creates a vivid, tangible point of difference.

We want all our pipeline deals to have in-person experiences. However, these happen less often than ever.

In-person sales meetings can build rapport and trust, leading to higher pipeline conversion rates.
  • Face-to-face meetings are the most effective way to close deals in the B2B space. According to SalesHacker, 40% of face-to-face meetings resulted in closed-won deals compared to just 16% by phone call.
  • The Journal of Social Psychology found face-to-face meetings create a shared buyer-to-seller experience
However, in-person interactions happen less often than ever.
  • Salesforce.com reports its customers have fewer in-person sales meetings. They report $50k SaaS deals dropped from 32% closed-won deals in 2019 to just 16% in 2022.
  • Deloitte reports business travel has declined 24% from 2019 to 2022.
Unfortunately, some revenue teams adopted poor substitutes, given the change in customer behavior
Some reps chose to fly to meet one person, which creates stratified meetings that do not bring buying committees together.
Other reps opt to not travel at all – resulting in buying committees that never meet and deals that never close.

The most forward-thinking CROs have found a new way to engage senior buyers and gather stakeholders to ensure deals close on-time.

Teamraderie is where account teams find, book, and customize experiences that improve revenue outcomes.

Before you begin to plan a customer event, you need to really understand your customer. What must they get past to succeed? What are their biggest pain points and challenges? This will help you tailor your messaging and event schedule.

Once you’ve identified your customer’s challenge, choose one or more of your core values that best align with solving this need. These values guide how you serve others. Consider which values are most relevant to your customer and how you can incorporate them into your event.

Now, it’s time to select a Teamraderie experience that helps you move your customers forward. The key is to select an experience that both aligns with your values and meets your client’s needs. We have several recommended experiences below, or you can browse all experiences here.

Teamraderie experiences are live, engaging, and hosted by approachable experts.

Garry Kasparov

World champion chess player for 20+ years – and first person to lose his job to AI

Nadia Comaneci & Bart Conner

Eleven (11) Olympic medals and the first people to earn Perfect 10s in their sport

Simidele Adeagbo

Africa’s first female to compete in skeleton (and former Nike exec who gave-up her career to inspire millions of African girls)

Marcia Chatelain

Pulitzer prize winning author and Georgetown historian with expertise in race relations

Matt Steffanina

Choreographer to Taylor Swift, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown; 12M YouTube, 7M TikTok

Kathryn Segovia

Stanford University’s most popular professor for creativity and problem solving

For a fraction of the cost, we can meaningfully engage large numbers of senior contacts.
— Chief Relationship Officer, $3B revenue privately-held SaaS Company

Sales Cycle Challenges

This sales rep gathered top finance executives of a major airline. He says it “shaved several months” off his sales cycle by engaging all four senior stakeholders at once.

This account manager gathered customers & prospects to discuss a shared challenge. She says it “created a sense of community” while helping her to listen to the challenges they were facing.

This account manager organized a session focused on “agility” – hosted by Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner – to prioritize an initiative to make IT systems more “agile” with IBM. It was so effective she repeated this with eight other accounts.
This customer success manager showed appreciation to her customer and top users by sharing snacks from Senegal, Vietnam, and elsewhere. She says it “build relationships” that can be harvested in time.

Revenue teams point to impact on five metrics

Engage more senior contacts

Engage entire buying committee

Differentiate in sales cycle

Success with product attach/upsell

Higher SaaS renewal rates

Our CFO has encouraged me to convert ‘T&E spend’ to ‘Teamraderie spend’ based on our 30-rep pilot
— CRO of $1B revenue SaaS company

How to Get Started

Pick 8-10 accounts and share commercial objective.
Teamraderie recommends experiences to advance the objective
Share experiences with your account and confirm you are solving sales challenges.

Popular Experiences for Sales Pipelines


Bring your team a cherished San Francisco tradition — without the one-hour line — and let a top barista show you how to use your French Press while learning the Tartine story of making bread that reflects the place.

In this Teamraderie experience, your team receives a generous box with Tartine Bakery’s most famous baked items.

Agility & Teamwork

Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner, two legendary gymnasts, join you live for this virtual experience. They will lead you in a conversation about how an athlete does not prepare for everything — but rather puts emphasis on preparing for anything. Your team will recognize the change and uncertainty they are living through are the conditions in which ‘greatness’ is found.

Breaking Through

What do you do when you have a dream? You make it happen. Led by the first African to compete in Skeleton, your team will dive headfirst into learning how to not only set those goals – but to conquer them.

In this Teamraderie experience, Simidele Adeagbo leads a three-part discussion with your team about reframing your goals, taking small steps to achieve your goals, and focusing on your strength to retain your focus.

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How Teamraderie Works

Teamraderie experiences are live, engaging, and hosted by approachable experts.

1. Book

In less than 2 minutes, select your preferred experience date and time and easily invite your team.

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4. Share

Enjoy connection with your team! You’ll receive a team photo after your experience which you can share on LinkedIn.

4. Share

Enjoy connection with your team! You’ll receive a team photo after your experience which you can share on LinkedIn.

5. Extend

You’ll receive additional assets and follow-up activities for your team to extend what you’ve learned in the experience.