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Celebrating Women’s History Month | How Women Lead


March is Women’s History Month. At Teamraderie, we are passionate about teams and the ways they develop connection, commitment and trust. How are women different in how they lead and engage teams?


The historic Ways Women Lead study published in Harvard Business Review (HBR) identified four distinctive traits. Women bosses:


1. Encourage participation 

Women leaders try to make people feel part of the organization and encourage others to have a say in almost every aspect of work.


2. Share power and information

Part of making people feel included is knowing that open communication flows in two directions. Women willingly share power and information rather than guard it.


3. Enhance the self-worth of others 

Women leaders frequently give others credit and send small signals of recognition. They refrain from asserting their own superiority, which asserts the inferiority of others.


4. Energize others

Women use their own enthusiasm to get others excited. To make the upbeat leadership style credible, women bosses focus on achieving results that can be measured easily.


How Women LeadThe most recent research confirms these patterns persist and become more important amidst remote work. According to a HBR 2020 study, employees reporting to women had higher levels of engagement during pandemic.


Women’s History Month is a great time to give your teams an opportunity to meet exceptional women from various fields and learn about the way they lead, engage teams, and succeed. 


Teamraderie has curated a set of 45-minute experiences led by exceptional women:


(1) Lilly King

Lilly King is the world’s fastest female swimmer. She holds three world records, two Olympic gold medals and is training for the 2021 Summer Olympic Games.


(2) Amanda Parkes

Virtual Team Building for Inclusion

Dr. Amanda Parkes is a celebrated engineer and leader of highly-diverse teams – including the team creating the first ‘comfortable’ high-heeled shoe.


(3) Carol Berkin

Dr. Carol Ruth Berkin is the foremost authority on American women’s history. Her commentary has been popularized in dozens of documentary films.



You can learn more about the curated Women’s History Month experiences here. You can also reach out to us at [email protected].