March Is Women's History Month

Give your team an opportunity to meet exceptional women and recognize achievements women have made in a variety of fields.

Lilly King:
Making History

Lilly King is the world’s fastest female swimmer. She holds three world records, two Olympic gold medals and is training for the 2021 Summer Olympic Games.

In this Teamraderie experience,
Lilly leads your team in learning how female athletes prepare ‘mentally’ to win on the world’s largest stage.

Amanda Parkes:
Shaping History

Virtual Team Building for Inclusion

Dr. Amanda Parkes is a celebrated engineer and leader of highly-diverse teams – including the team creating the first ‘comfortable’ high-heeled shoe.

In this Teamraderie experience,
Dr. Parkes leads your team through games to expose the ‘fun and funny’ side of diversity and inclusion.

Carol Berkin:
Taking History

Dr. Carol Ruth Berkin is foremost authority on American women’s history. Her commentary has been popularized in dozens of documentary films.

In this Teamraderie experience,
Dr. Berkin engages your team in lively discussion on myths and untold stories
of women’s role in history.

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