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Celebrate Women's History Month

We’ve curated a special list of experiences to celebrate trailblazing women in academia, business, and athletics.

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Women in Business

Sample innovative snacks and get inspired by their founders

Daily desk-friendly workouts that energize body & mind with top trainer

Taste the flavors of the first known Black distiller in the US
Select a collective intention and paint meaningful artwork

Women in Academia

Unlock your team’s creativity with Stanford’s top professor

Building a better future with Pulitzer Prize-Winning Author

Play your way to innovation and unlock great ideas together

Conducting team work for maximum productivity

Women in Athletics

Take bold steps toward achieving goals with Simidele Adeagbo

Discover the Olympic mindset with Nadia Comăneci and Bart Conner

Develop champion level resilience with Olympian Lilly King

Strategies for goal setting with Paralympian Tatyana McFadden

Why its better to win together with Summer Sanders



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