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Holiday Team Experience Gift Guide

Tuesday October 17, 2023

Holiday Team Experience Gift Guide

Tuesday October 17, 2023

‘Tis the season to foster camaraderie and spread holiday cheer among your hardworking team! What better way to express your gratitude and celebrate the accomplishments of the past year than by sharing a memorable holiday experience? In this holiday experience gift guide, we’ve handpicked an assortment of virtual experiences to bring teams closer together, celebrate your accomplishments, show appreciation, and have fun — regardless of where you’re all located.

We’ve categorized our recommended experiences into three sections, each with opportunities for remote, hybrid, and in-person teams to connect, bond, and enjoy the magic of the holiday season. Visit our Holiday page to view all our holiday offerings.

Experiences to Show Team Appreciation

To start our experience gift guide, we’re sharing a few experiences that will help you show appreciation to your team, honoring the value and input of each team member. Appreciation goes beyond recognizing accomplishments by emphasizing the value of who each individual is and their impact on the team. In a world so often focused solely on results and outcomes, take an opportunity to connect with your team members and show appreciation and gratitude for their unique qualities and contributions. By showing appreciation, in addition to recognition, you build greater connection and trust with your team members.

1. Holiday Gift Exchange with Your Team
This meaningful experience creates inclusion and belonging through a purposeful game. Discuss your team as a whole and share how each individual contributes by assigning traits and gifts. After the experience is over, each team member will receive a book and treats related to the unique strengths they were gifted. Show appreciation to your team with an experience that will leave you feeling a sense of camaraderie and holiday spirit.

2. Grow a Terrarium to Cultivate Team Well-being
Cultivate team well-being in this hands-on gardening experience. Led by a wellness expert, show appreciation for your team by creating small gardens and discussing elements of self-care together. You will flex your creative muscles while designing your own personal terrarium and learn about health and wellness. At the end, each team member will do a show-and-tell of their beautiful terrarium.

3. Tartine Bakery and French Press Coffee & Tea Experience
Treat your team to a delightful coffee (or tea!) and pastry experience. This experience is the perfect way to show appreciation for your team during your busy schedules. Designed to increase connection and trust through a shared experience, your team will learn how to pour a French press and taste coffee or tea. Your kit will include a generous assortment of delicious cakes, cookies, and baked goods from the famous Tartine Bakery in San Francisco.

Celebrate Together with Festive Experiences

Whether you’ve accomplished major goals or made small steps toward improvement, your team has great reason to celebrate this holiday season. Take a few moments to reflect on the year and jot down your team’s proudest moments and biggest accomplishments. A lot has happened in the past 12 months, and your team is ready to celebrate. While we are all moving fast and quick to dive into the next project, don’t miss an opportunity to pause, come together, and celebrate how far you’ve come. Choose from our recommended experiences to take 45 minutes to get your team together, celebrate your wins, and enjoy an engaging and memorable experience.

1. Holiday Wine Pairing Experience to Celebrate Together
Take a moment out of your busy day to raise a glass and toast to all that your team has accomplished this year. You have a lot to celebrate! This experience led by Chateau Montelena’s wine educator is the perfect way to inspire joy and connection while tasting world-famous wine and enjoying snacks. This holiday experience will leave your team with new insights and a revitalized team spirit.

2. Celebrate the Holidays with Cookie Decorating
What’s better during the holiday season than fresh, hand-decorated cookies?! This experience is a fantastic, fun way for your team to celebrate together. While learning and practicing cookie decorating skills, such as flooding and marbling, your team will connect in a joyful virtual experience. Your kit will include everything you need to design gorgeous holiday cookies. Savor the holiday season and celebrate the uniqueness of your team with this tasty cookie decorating experience.

3. The Holiday Tea(m) Experience
The last three months of the year often feel like a marathon of deadlines and never-ending lists (to-do lists, shopping lists… this list could go on!). Set aside time for your team to take a moment in their busy schedules to relax and connect. Celebrate your team with a time-honored tradition of holiday tea. Together, you will learn the history of afternoon tea while brewing up a fresh cup and enjoying tasty cookies. Invigorate your afternoon and feel ready to take on the next task after this cozy and delightful experience.

Have Fun as a Team

Who says work can’t be fun? Research shows that having fun at work has a positive impact on engagement, creativity, and a sense of purpose. In turn, employee retention improves. And, when we find our work fun and enjoyable, we’re more likely to dive into the project at hand, share joy with our team, and become more resilient. These fun holiday experiences are a great way to take time out of your day to share a moment of joy with your team.

1. Sip & Synergy: A Hot Chocolate Experience
Hot chocolate is a staple of the winter season; there’s nothing that warms both your hands and soul more than a delicious steaming cup of chocolate. In this fun hands-on experience, your team will mix up their own cup of hot chocolate complete with all the toppings. As you sip your delicious beverage, your host will walk your team through the history of hot chocolate. This experience is a fun way to spend an afternoon together that sparks joy and holiday spirit.

2. Extravagant Winter Cocktails to Celebrate the Holidays
Take your team on a mixology adventure in this interactive cocktail-making workshop! In this fun and festive experience, you will craft three winter and holiday-inspired cocktails together. Your kit includes everything you need to make your beverages and non-alcoholic versions are available. Shake up a drink and enjoy a fun experience together with your team.

3. Evoke Holiday Magic with Winter Moss Wreaths
Try a hands-on wreath-making activity as a team for a fun way to spend time together. Led by a professional artist, your team will create and decorate your own moss wreath to celebrate the winter season. While everyone receives the same kit and instructions, your team will have fun showing off the unique masterpieces each individual creates!

Which experience will you pick?

We have an experience that’s perfect for every team. What’s at the top of your wish list this year? If you’re not sure which experience to choose, you can browse our entire experience library. Our team is always happy to help recommend an experience tailored to your team, too.

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