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Laughter Kills Stress and Brings People Together

Laughter is a subconscious signal that we’re in a state of relaxation and safety, says professor Sophie Scott from University College London.


“It’s a sign if people are laughing that they’re not in that anxious state. It’s a marker that the group is in a good place”.


Researchers found that when our brains are relaxed, we more easily achieve free idea association, which can lead to creativity.


For example, showing people stand-up comedy before asking them to do tricky puzzles helps them experience more flashes of inspiration, which allows them to correctly solve up to 20% more problems.


Robert R. Provine, a neuroscientist and Professor of Psychology at the University of Maryland, says in his book Laughter: A Scientific Investigation: “Laughter is the quintessential human social signal. Laughter is about relationships.” 


Not surprisingly, scientists recommend leaders allow more time for socializing and humor in the team.




Cultivate Team Connection… With Comedy


Virtual Team Building with Comedy

Improv comedy is proven to help teams establish deep understanding of each other. 

Try Improv to help your team laugh, connect with each other, and get energized for the holidays. 


The experience can be themed as Holiday Improv Extravaganza. Learn the basics of Improv and practice scenes inspired by team members’ holiday stories. 

You don’t have to be a comedian to participate!



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