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Top Five Team Event Ideas for Summer

Thursday June 2, 2022

Top Five Team Event Ideas for Summer

Thursday June 2, 2022

Team Event Ideas for Summer

Are you looking for fun and engaging team event ideas for the summer?


This Summer, managers will continue navigating the Great Resignation and employees’ desire for flexible and meaningful work.


Last week at Davos 2022, PwC unveiled its Global Workforce Hopes and Fears Survey 2022 (52K workers across 40+ countries).


The survey predicts that the Great Resignation is set to continue – 1 in 5 are extremely or very likely to switch employers in the next year.


PwC found that retaining these employees will require more than just pay. Fulfilling work (matters to 69% of employees) and the opportunity to be one’s authentic self at work (matters to 66%) are important factors for those considering a job change.


Authenticity, connection, and purpose – what is an effective way for managers to drive those?


Here are the top five team event ideas to consider for Summer:


1. Summer Team Event Idea for Bonding

A Summer Journey to Japan with Cocktails


Cocktail 2


Take a journey to Japan together with your team by making delicious yuzu- and matcha-based cocktails while munching on local snacks. This is a great fun team bonding experience for Summer, accessible from anywhere you work.


2. Summer Team Event Idea for Connection

A Snack Journey Around the World With Your Team


International Snack Box


Let your team try three snacks and a beverage from Asia, Africa, LatAm, and Europe and learn how different cultures snack. Team members will get a chance to get to know each other better by sharing more about the foods that have a special memory for them.


3. Summer Team Event Idea for Wellbeing

Help your team Thrive with a Teamraderie Terrarium Experience


Indoor plants in terrarium


Plants have been proven to help reduce stress levels and mental fatigue, enhance productivity, and facilitate healing. Team members will receive supplies for building their own little gardens. You will learn about health and wellness, share tactics for self-care and growth, and bond via show-and-tell of your creations.


4. Summer Team Event Idea for Purpose

How to Set Goals that Inspire Achievement


Tatyana McFadden Virtual Event


Is your team working on setting goals for 2H 2022? HBR showed that achieving goals becomes easier when they’re meaningful and connected to a reason and purposeyour ‘why.’  Meet an incredible Paralympic athlete Tatyana McFadden. She has won 17 Paralympic Medals and 24 World Major Marathons. Through examples from her life finding ‘meaning’ in ‘sport’, Tatyana will help your team re-think your goals.


5. Summer Team Event Idea for Authenticity

Do Something You’ve Never Done with Artist IN-Q


Team Event with In-Q


An acclaimed Teamraderie experience proven to create deep connection and foster authenticity. Team members will introduce their authentic selves leveraging poetry as a medium. The award-winning poet and songwriter IN-Q will guide and encourage you in this process.


Why Are Virtual Team Events Important?


There are a few good reasons to keep team events going for remote and hybrid teams. One of the biggest is that it’s vital to ensure everyone is connected despite being at a distance. When team members are connected, it makes them more productive, creative, and happy at work. Facilitating connection is easy to do using virtual team event ideas.


When you use the right virtual team event ideas, you can make sure team members connect from any location. Those in the office can log in and speak with the team members who are at home. Everyone gets the needed items to enjoy the event when you choose experiences from Teamraderie. 


Benefits of Virtual Team Events


Of course, basic connection isn’t the only benefit of considering virtual team event ideas. It is a great way to increase positivity on your team. Having fun and chatting with other team members creates connection and makes people more positive about what they are doing. Having regular events is a great way to make sure the team feels positive about the team and the company as a whole.


Having fun together is something that can happen organically at the office. It isn’t always easy to provide that for remote or hybrid workers. However, you can incorporate fun when you choose the right events. Having the chance to hang out and do something exciting is a major benefit of team events. It can act as a morale boost even after the excitement is over.


Some events are made to help solve communication problems. You bring in a challenge and the team works together to find a solution. This kind of team-building event is a great way to help people learn better methods of communication. Everyone can jump in and enjoy helping in a low-stakes atmosphere.


One of the biggest issues with remote or hybrid work is that team members can feel isolated. Being at home by yourself doing work can bring about feelings of loneliness. Pulling the team together to talk and take part in something special is a great way to push those feelings away. You can check in on how people are doing and give them a place to be social.


Another benefit of team events is that they reinforce a supportive and positive team culture. It brings people together and creates happy experiences to share. It can incorporate supporting others which can spill over into daily work. Virtual team events are a great option, no matter what season it is.

Summer Experience Ideas For Your Team

What if we “watered” ourselves each time we water our plants?

Led by a wellness expert, this experience aims to improve well-being through an interactive shared activity. During the experience, you will create your own little garden and discuss elements of self-care together. Teamraderie will send you a kit with a glass terrarium bulb, succulent plant, and accessories. You will learn about health and wellness, share tactics for self-care and growth, and flex your creative muscles with a terrarium show-and-tell.

Don’t overlook this chance to enhance well-being, which will leave you with novel insights, a sense of camaraderie, and a revitalized team spirit.

Please note that due to international restrictions on the shipping of live plants, all attendees located outside of the U.S. will receive the faux-plant version of the kit. 


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