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What Makes Employees Happy at Work?

What is the key to help make your employees’ happy at work?


Lord Richard Layard, a British labor economist and a preeminent happiness researcher, encourages companies to get away from perceiving happiness as a fluffy, non-measurable concept and start taking it seriously.


According to the economist, things that make people happy at work are the same things that make people happy in their lives: a sense of belonging, social connections, and a purpose or meaning.


Happiness can’t be achieved without mental and physical health.


Mental health is becoming a top well-being concern in the workplace. A high fraction of the workforce is currently suffering from mental illness — approximately one in six. The World Economic Forum found a clear correlation between mental health scores (as measured by The World Health Organisation Five Well-Being Index, WHO-5) and productivity. The mental health scores for the most productive employees were twice as high as the least productive.


Mental health and employee happiness


A recent McKinsey research showed that both on-site and remote employees are concerned about well-being, flexibility and connection.


Employee fears


Employee autonomy is a key driver of flexibility, and therefore, of happiness.


Which sector of employees are happy at work?


Here is what can leaders do to increase employee happiness according to Lord Richard Layard and McKinsey:


Lead by motivation, inspiration and enjoyment, rather than by creating anxiety and fear.

Incorporate more autonomy and fluidity into every role, guard against micromanagement.

Encourage small moments of connection and engagement among team members.

Demonstrate commitment to protecting well-being and offering help.



Teamraderie experience that help increase employee happiness at work and well-being: 


1. Deepen Team Connection with Art

Can art relax the mind and lead to an increase in team well-being? What could your team gain from a shared creative experience? 

Your team receives a kit with beautifully wrapped kit with a canvas, paints, and brushes. An instructor from a female-led San Francisco-based art studio joins you live and walks you through each step to creating your masterpiece.


2. Cultivate Team Connection…With Comedy

Improv is proven to help teams establish deep understanding of each other. Improv is about being in the moment, listening to one another, and exercising empathy. It helps team members feel that they belong.

Improv creates a safe place for people to act in genuine ways that are outside of the standard norms. Improv is about being who you are.