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Are you seeking to help a team get started with focus, energy, and purpose?

“The concept of talking about teamwork instead of actually doing it may seem like an extravagance. But this thinking could not be more misguided.” (Tesdal Neeley, Harvard Business School)

We used academic research to find proven solutions.

Invest in a well-designed
“team launch”.

Researchers found that for a team to execute without friction or rework — whether collocated, remote or hybrid — it needs members to understand and agree on how they can work together most effectively. Teams that miss this step falter down the road.

Conduct a pre-victorem to pre-wire a team for flexibility.

Researchers found that teams who envision success — and explicitly describe ‘why’ that success was achieved in the envisioned state — were more effective at making successful adjustments throughout their relationship; envisioning ‘success’ through pre-victorem pre-wires the right behavior.

Reconnect people dis-connected by hub-and-spoke networks.

Researchers found when communication flows through a leaders or experts — rather than across all members — groups work slowly and with less innovation. Moreover, echo chambers form. Effective team resets can realign and restructure networks.

Abandon the assumption that ‘bad’ teamwork will always persist

Researchers found interactions defining teamwork are heavily influenced by constraints from in-person teams. A study found remote collaboration provides opportunity to try new ways to make teams work. Researches could make teams emerge with entirely new behaviors from the same group — ‘fresh starts’ are possible with ‘reset’ principles.

Recommended experiences
to launch and refresh teams using these principles


Stanford University professor leads research-backed exercise that leaves team more aligned and cohesive — and effectively setup to have more success and less frictional interactions.

Stanford University professor helps your team capture benefit from new work mode by arriving at charter that yields more inclusive, connected, adaptive, and resilient.
Stanford University professor helps your team eliminate practices that are consuming energy and replace them with under-developed but highly-promising ways that enliven teams.
Strengthening connections for the world’s best companies.
Bain & Company
Bill & Melinda Gates foundation
McKinsey & Company
ThermoFisher Scientific
Johnson & Johnson
First Republic Bank

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