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Happy hours for inclusive and connected teams​

Teamraderie takes care of all the details of team events so you can focus on your team​.

Why a different approach to happy hour?

We meet colleagues for ‘drinks’ when we want to create connection. And connection forms when we learn about each other or share something meaningful.

Teamraderie experiences let your team enjoy happy hour while learning together and celebrating shared values. From a whiskey experience honoring the real origins of American whiskey to a cocktail experience featuring LGBTQ-founded spirits makers, Teamraderie partnered with the world’s most acclaimed alcohol, wine, and beer providers to bring your team something special. Every experience offers award-winning non-alcoholic versions of the same spirits, wine, or beer.

Whether or not you drink alcohol, you’ll find Teamraderie happy hour events to be as inclusive as they are engaging.​

What is a virtual happy hour?

A virtual happy hour is an online social event for teams. Unlike happy hours at bars, virtual happy hours have no waiting and everyone has a seat. Conducted via Zoom, Microsoft Teams, or other video platforms, team members learn a story about their drink and have meaningful interactions. These events are also known as “remote happy hours”, “Zoom happy hours” or “online happy hours.”

How to get started?

What's available right now?

Tiki Escape

In this Teamraderie experience, celebrate Hawaiian culture from the comfort of your desk. Your team will receive everything needed to make three delicious tropical tiki cocktails and mocktails. With spirits, liquors, tropical elements, and a little spice mingling, these concoctions will transport your team to a state of relaxation at a tropical beach.

Tipsy Bubble Tea to Ignite Your Team

In this Teamraderie experience, your team receives all the ingredients to make three delicious bubble tea cocktails. Your facilitator will guide you in making each cocktail while engaging the team in a discussion around the story of bubble tea.

Take your team on a journey to Taiwan. Ignite their senses. Enjoy bubble tea cocktails together!

Shaken & Stirred

In this experience, you and your team receive all the ingredients to make variations of three classic cocktails. An expert mixologist joins your team live and explains the different styles. As you learn and create together, you will uncover how even the simplest inputs can lead to many different outcomes.

Craft Beer Untapped

Receive a beautiful kit with four (4) craft beers, and a commemorative glass. Participants can also replace the craft beers with an equally-eclectic assortment of four (4) non-alcoholic brewed drinks with flavor profiles that map to the beers.

To guide your team, you will be joined by an acclaimed beer expert — such as one of America’s top beer authors, the UK’s foremost expert on beers and pub life, or a certified Cicerone.

The Perfect Pairing

There are 800+ wineries in Napa Valley. Why is Chateau Montelena able to consistently produce the world’s most acclaimed wine?

Receive an elegant kit with a full bottle (750mL) of Chateau Montelena wine, along with a portion of paired meats, dried fruits and Rustic Bakery flatbreads.

You and your team will learn and participate in the story of the winery, made popular in the 2008 movie “Bottle Shock” while tasting wines, sampling cheeses…and celebrating your team.

For every experience…

Craft Ingredients

Receive all items needed to participate.

Learn from the Best

Acclaimed mixologists and hosts.


Have all logistics taken care of.


Add snacks to your order for added pleasure.

Need a ‘custom’ cocktail experience?

We celebrate the diversity of spirits – their flavor and their origins.
Would you like a ‘custom’ spirit experience based on a theme that your team values?

LGBTQ Founded

Spirits Companies

Female Founded

Spirits Companies

Eco Focused

Spirits Companies

Non Traditional

Spirits Companies

Our acclaimed hosts will help your audience learn about spirits and the world’s most exciting providers.

Looking for even more variety?

Teamraderie offers 40+ shared team experiences.

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