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Harvest the Power of Team Connection This Fall

Autumn Awaits Your Team

Create memorable moments this fall with pumpkin spice and team building. From seasonal beer or pumpkin spice coffee tastings to festive cookie decorating and fall wreath making, there is something for every team to embrace the change in seasons.

Add a Little Pumpkin Spice to Your Day

By embracing the Oktoberfest traditions of camaraderie and celebration, you will learn to foster a sense of unity and shared experience in your team or community.
Don’t miss out on the opportunity for ghoulish cheers, learn cocktail tricks together, and treat your team or community to increased connection.
Led by a food and beverage expert, this festive experience aims to foster connection and spark joy through a delicious and interactive cookie decorating workshop.
Taste four seasonal Halloween beers with your team and discuss the history of breweries drawing inspiration from the Autumn season. Tasting glass included!
Celebrate the fall season and come together to ignite creativity, leaving you with new insights, a feeling of camaraderie, and a revitalized team spirit.
Learn the history of coffee, tea, and the origins of “Pumpkin Pie Spice”. You will receive a kit containing either pumpkin spice coffee or chai spiced teas and a snack.
Embrace the fall season and connect over a drink, offering you unique perspectives, a strengthened bond, and a revived team ethos.
Boost creativity in this seasonal experience, leaving you with new ideas, a reduction in stress, and enhanced focus.

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