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How to Design Hybrid Work Experiments for your Team

With transition to ‘hybrid’, leaders are reassessing assumptions about work, management and workplaces. Organizations recognize the need to make major changes — but few are certain of direction. Earlier this week, McKinsey estimated two-thirds of companies lack a detailed plan for hybrid work.


Executives’ uncertainty on how to navigate ‘hybrid’ should not be considered a bad thing. There is opportunity to revisit workplace norms, lock-in pandemic productivity gains, and unleash a new era of work. This is a time for experiments and data-backed decision-making.


An MIT Sloan Management Review article provides helpful recommendations on how to design Hybrid Work experiments.


1. What types of questions can be solved with experiments and data?

Number of days per week to work in the office

Employees’ role in determining their schedules

Bounding work by hours vs. bounding work by outcomes

Supervision approaches


2. How to design the experiment?

Assign teams to different approaches, for example a company could have some groups work in the office every day, some work entirely at home, and some work a mixed schedule.


3. What are the KPIs to measure?

Outcome measures — productivity

Work satisfaction

Networking frequency


4. How to run the experiment?

Clarify the elements of the experiment

Document findings

Cast a wide net in the analyses

Start early and start small


5. Example experiments

Hybrid Work Experiments


The article suggests companies will find there will be variation in what constitutes an ideal solution from job category to job category, from team to team.


In an extensive study of knowledge workforce policies, segmenting workers and giving them some choice about work environments emerged as the two most important factors in work arrangement design.


Experimentation and data-backed decision-making are the best approaches for finding an ideal solution for each employee segment.


Last week, we launched Teamraderie Hybrid Work Resource Page to help leaders make important decisions as they transition into hybrid work. 


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