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Getting Started With Hybrid Work

After a year of remote work, many companies are electing for a hybrid work model, where some employees go into the office, some work from home, and some split their time. This transition presents new challenges. Teamraderie can help you prepare and bring connection to your team– in whatever form.

Starting Hybrid Work

Is your team prepared?

We have worked with top workplace experts to determine how to prepare your team for any shift in working style.

Start preparing your team for hybrid work now with five core practices.


Increased Long-term Planning

While hybrid yields more hours for work, it requires managers take a more active role in coordination.


Interaction with Outsiders

Hybrid teams work with less distraction– but also with less stimulus, particularly from outside your organization.


Removing Meeting Friction

  • The shift in work mode is radically reducing the value of certain meetings and practices while increasing the value of others.


Creating Thriving Social Bonds

Employees will visit offices less and feel fewer social ties to colleagues, which may impact their working habits. 


Attention to the Factorial

Managers must take an active effort to ensure each employee team member feels connection to each other.

Highlights from The Future of Work

See highlights from our recent guided talk with Tsedal Neeley of Harvard Business School and Bob Sutton of Stanford University on hybrid work practices and how leaders can help guide their team through transitions. 

May 2021 Future of Work Survey Results

800+ executives and team leaders completed a survey that captured intentions, concerns, and opportunities for the future of work.  

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Starting Hybrid Work - Map

“In the full-time office environment, you can probably survive with an average leader. When you’re out of the office, you really have to depend on a leader that is inspiring, a leader that’s engaged, a leader that’s communicating and accessible.”

Sean Woodroffe, Senior Executive Vice President of TIAA-CREF

How Teamraderie experiences help hybrid teams


Experiences are designed to allow team members equal participation.

shared culture

Experiences authentically reinforce your vision and values for teams.


Experiences provide a way to practice self-disclosure and empathy.

Equity and fairness

Experiences build psychological safety so the team becomes more open.

organizational Ties

Stay connected with other teams despite differences in schedules.

Goals and Purpose

Idea-centric experiences present a new way to talk about norms and goals.


Teamraderie creates special bonds in teams that are highly valued by employees.

better Meetings

Thoughtful experiences improve quality of meetings with no extra effort.


Teamraderie puts new remote and office hires on a comparable footing.

Example experiences for hybrid teams

Wine Tasting in the Spirit of ‘Appreciation’

Includes Kit

Includes Kit

Vegan Option

Vegan Option



Non-Alcoholic Option

Non-Alcoholic Option


Olympian Summer Sanders leads team in reflecting on what they learned to appreciate and resolving what to plan to take on in the second half of the year. 

Setting Up Your Team for Hybrid Work



L&D experience

Stanford’s Glenn Fajardo helps team recognize the improvements made with remote work and prepares them to navigate a set of new challenges with hybrid work.

Rethink Perfection with Nadia Comaneci and Bart Conner



L&D experience

One of the world’s most revered female athletes leads discussion on why adaptability – not preparation – is the central skill for teams.

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