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Top 2 Ideas to Support Introverted Team Members

Thursday March 24, 2022

Idea to support introverts

Many offices are opening their doors to welcome employees back. 


More than half (55%) of the population are introverts according to the Myers-Briggs Company’s research. For many of them, social reengagement after two years of working remotely can be difficult. What can you do to best support your introverted team members?


Fully including introverts in the back-to-office plans might be hard for managers because most leaders identify as extraverts (69% in the US).


Bob Sutton, professor and organizational psychologist at Stanford, reminds managers that “all those “welcome back to the office” lunches, teas, and parties are a double-edged sword. They may energize extraverts, but are exhausting social obligations for many introverts.” 


Extraverts are less sensitive to dopamine and require lots of stimulation – they regenerate their energy from being around people and social events.


Introverts need alone time and find themselves drained by being around a lot of people. 


How can leaders help introverts make transition back to office easier? 


(1) Plan a shared virtual team experience for a larger group during the office lunch.
Provide an opportunity to grab lunch, sit at the common table and enjoy an engaging conversation or a hands-on team activity. Example Teamraderie experiences to consider:


Idea to support introverts - Empathy Experience      Idea to support introverts - Speaker Experience


Benefits of this approach:


a. Team members learn something new together and get conversation starters to continue interaction after the experience. Introverts feel more comfortable engaging on a neutral and exciting topic.


b. Teamraderie experiences are led by experts remotely. They are equally accessible by people joining from the office and from home. All team members feel included in the conversation.



(2) Plan a shared virtual team experience for a smaller team.
Introverts are often perceived as cold and socially awkward. However, it’s a misconception. Introverts often do enjoy being around people, but prefer small groups of people they are close to. Example Teamraderie experiences to consider:


Coffee Experience for Return to Office      Improv for Return to Office


Benefits of this approach:


a. The small team experience format is designed to draw people in and help them get to know each other on a personal level.


b. Teamraderie experiences are led by experts remotely. Both remote and in-office team members can participate and enjoy a uniform experience.



We hope these ideas and best practices help your support both your introverted and extroverted team members. Experiences for your team can be explored and booked online via Teamraderie experience finder. If you are seeking a personalized recommendation, reach out to us at team@teamraderie.com.    

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